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31 Aug 2004


Posted by Divakar in General | 11:56am

I begin my search where the world ends,


I plant the seeds of hope and trust,


I nourish it with love and tenderness,


I protect it from the evil,


I relish its growth around me,


I see its influence on me.


I drown myself in this addiction,


I pray for eternity.


I ignore the thorns that start to grow,


I forget all my sorrows,


I bleed and I wake up,


I realize, I was looking at a shadow.

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Current Mood: Confused
Current Music: Long road- Pearl Jam

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  1. By Aran

    31 Aug 2004, 12:56pm [ Reply ]

    Simple words and very to-the-point. Nice. :) (but kind of pessimistic).

  2. By diva

    31 Aug 2004, 5:26pm [ Reply ]

    Hey Aran..thnx..yeah..kinda realised abt it(being pessimistic)..hope it goes well the next time.

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