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1 Sep 2004

Creeping death

Posted by Divakar in General | 5:05am

"12 Nepalese killed in Iraq"! Well, this news has become a part of our daily lives. But have we thought about those families, who lost a son, a brother, a father or a beloved. Well, iam not trying to show that iam the only concerned person around, not trying to be God. Just realised that it is so easy to sit in an air conditioned room,listening to our favourite music and having some vodka. But just the thought of the gruisome beheading of 12 innocent people, churned my tummy. Well, i know, just the thought would not make any difference to the things that have been happening around and iam no super hero who would save this world. Just put myself in his shoes. What must have gone through his head?? fear, loved ones or a glimmer of hope of life or a few unanswered questions: why am i killed?? why ME?? and the only sound that he hears is the grounding of that sword, a few words spoken by his captives in an uncomprehensive language, flashes of all the loved ones and that strange darkness, one where there is no hope of light again. But what can i do??? i asked this to myself a billion times, disturbed and frustrated. I wish i could make some difference, lying in the bed helpless, thinking about my assignments. I could come up with just one conclusion: all i can do is pray and i will, but hope someone hears them, if there is one.

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  1. By JLU

    1 Sep 2004, 10:24am [ Reply ]

    Innocents getting punished for someone else's crimes.... a cycle that's bound to repeat itself if there's no radical change from the path of violence that humanity resorts to, to sort out its problems.

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