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5 Sep 2004


Posted by Divakar in General | 6:45am

I look at her picture in the moonlight,

twisted memories in black and white.

The Godess of love smiles straight into my eyes,

deep down within, my heart cries.

She loves the spring of September,

she says the prayers, i never remember.

She likes the rides when it rains,

she smiles and takes all my pains.

She likes the ripples on the water,

she lived her life just a bit shorter.

How could she do this to me?

tied me with her love and set me free.

I smell her smile in the air,

I breathe her name, i care.

Current Mood: Bye!
Current Music: lost for words- pink floyd

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  1. By Jai

    6 Sep 2004, 11:23am [ Reply ]

    she lived her life just a bit shorter.

    as a godess or as your love?

  2. By Jai

    6 Sep 2004, 11:25am [ Reply ]

    n hey is it just the beer or was ur mate being immensly immersed in the song that he broke down?

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