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Obscurum | 13 September 2004, 8:44am


Lets start with AP12U2257

First of all, I'd be really grateful to anyone who can translate the Urdu text at the top of the canvas.

Now lets look at the painting :

1) Good detail in the border using silver coloured paint.

2) Also attention to detail in the reflection of the 2 boats in the water.

3) Interesting high-light of the palm trees on the right hand side ( RHS ), despite the already highlighted sky above the mountains, which lends the picture an eeire depth and relief between the trees and the sky.

( Note the stripes on the trunk of the tree, and the LHS versus the RHS of the trunk with its lighting effect. )

4) Note the artist's logo at the RHS below the canvas ( Habeeb Art, Moghalpura. But more about the artists later )

5) There is a smudged object, of what could have been a human figure in the LHS of the picture. But he changes his mind.....i wonder why.

6) Interestingly there is no sight of land in the foreground, just the backdrop of ( fiery red ! ) mountains.

7) Look at the funky mud flaps at the base of the auto, and the rear metal panel ( FOR HIRE OK ), which has horizontal stripes in colours akin  to the Indian flag !

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  1. 1. By Aran  |  14 Sep 2004, 12:39pm

    Urdu text above the canvas:
    1. It is not Urdu, it's Arabic.
    2. It's Masha-allah, or something one says to ward off the evil eye.

  2. 2. By Kar Sevak  |  15 Sep 2004, 7:58pm

    1. It is not arabic, it is Urdu.

    2. It's Har Har Mahadev, or something one says to get charged up.

  3. 3. By Tabrez  |  17 Sep 2004, 3:06am

    Urdu text above the canvas:
    1.It is arabic,the kufic script to be exact.
    2.Read as Ma'sha'allah, the literal meaning of which would translate to "What Allah wishes".
    It indicates a good omen, saying of which is believed to ward of the evil eye.
    3. Kar Sevak???? Harf Harf Harf!!!

  4. 4. By Gecko Girl  |  18 Feb 2006, 12:26pm

    Salam, just urdu when i read arabic then noticed that translation was done & an eternity ago! so just marhaba! it's arabic & it means hello.
    Peace out...

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