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Obscurum | 13 September 2004, 10:53pm

Here is AP22U5827

This guy loves numbers.

I mean take a look at the 1130 atop the canvas.

Then look at the 1-13-7 on the back panel of the main body.

What is  that about ?

India flag on the mud flaps, and again we see the tri-colour theme on the back panel. Not to miss the O....K

No sign-off by the artist here.

Now, lets go to the main canvas :

This is not a beach setting like so many others, but is a lake of sorts.

Not much detail in the boats, but he's freaked out on the trellis roof and staircase of the house.

Interesting effect with the trees behind the house, and check out the bold oil-on-canvas strokes used for the sky and the mountains.

What i couldnt figure out is the sawed-off tree stump bang in the centre of the foreground.


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  1. 1. By drp  |  13 Sep 2004, 11:53pm

    this is BY FAR the coolest blog ever!!


  2. 2. By Priya  |  14 Sep 2004, 11:45am

    I have to agree with drp. This is the coolest !

  3. 3. By Aran  |  14 Sep 2004, 12:37pm

    2 things:
    -->1-13-7 = ek tera saath. (I don't know what 1130 can be).
    -->Do you think the sawed-off tree stump could be an attempted volcano or something? :D More dramatic, methinks. Think of the contrast between the calm, serene lake scene vs. the fiery volcano which can erupt any time! The depth, the perception, the deep meaning... ok, ok, I'll go.

  4. 4. By Ravi  |  15 Sep 2004, 4:23pm

    Gotta agree with priya and drp, coolest blog I've seen recently. Very different stuff.. good work.

  5. 5. By mr agreeable  |  15 Sep 2004, 7:54pm

    i ahev to agree with ravi who agrees with priya who agrees with drp that this is the coolest blog i've seen in a while.

  6. 6. By drp  |  16 Sep 2004, 6:31pm

    whoa!! so many ppls agreeing wit me!!
    including Priya!! woohoo!!
    whoever that is..!!

  7. 7. By tabrez  |  17 Sep 2004, 3:13am

    1-13-7= ek terah saath.--bravo aran!

    1130=1-13-0= ek terah safr (corruption of sifr).
    what says you?????

  8. 8. By tabrez  |  20 Sep 2004, 2:32am


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