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23 Sep 2004

The unnamed emotion!!

Posted by Divakar in General | 10:12pm

Is it just me?? am i still sane? or am i weird? Well, the other day, one of my very close friends mailed me with a wonderful news. She's getting married!! wow! Its been a while since i heard a pleasant news and this really made my day. I was and still so happy for her. A couple of hours later, another similar news dropped in the mail. Whats goin on??

 But then, there is this unknown fear, an emotion, buried deep inside me. I spent my teens, my most special years with these friends. They have always been there for me, through my thick and thin. Its just the thought that , these buddies would now have a different life, a new family, responsibilities and an entire new world, ... And our relationship would never be the same. It would take a different direction, probably with many uncertainities and there, lies a sense of insecurity.

Iam not saying that they would forget me ..never. Yes, i would always be there in their prayers, in their thoughts, but the good old times?? Wish i could turn back time. Just the memories remain. Its this possessive feeling of "my friends", and the thoughts of being alone again, without these mates, is unimaginable. I understand, we all need to move on with our lives, and its their turn now. My best wishes with them. Dont know why i had such a selfish thought.

Am i weird?? or have you been through this??

Any thoughts??

Current Mood: Confused
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  1. By whg

    23 Sep 2004, 11:12pm [ Reply ]

    u made it to the hot blogs...congrats :)

  2. By Jai

    24 Sep 2004, 3:27am [ Reply ]

    maytee, i am still with u.

  3. By diva

    24 Sep 2004, 6:42am [ Reply ]

    whg: thnx dude. it really surprised me.
    jai: thnx man...i know u r...but is that a natural feelin??? or is it kinda weird??

  4. By Neurotron

    24 Sep 2004, 9:42am [ Reply ]

    dude, completely natural feeling. I felt the same way and I too wondered if it was just me!
    But I think one misses friends of the opposite sex, bcos friends of the same sex tend to stay mates, buddies - married or not.
    Boy! u havent replied to my mail!

  5. By the shrink

    24 Sep 2004, 12:27pm [ Reply ]

    hey congrats on getting to the hot blogs section...keep goin the same way buddy!!!

  6. By diva

    24 Sep 2004, 3:13pm [ Reply ]

    neurotron: i guess so dude..feelin better...btw, i did reply 2 ur mail.
    the shrink: Hey thnx...iam a bit too surprised abt it. So how have u been??? long time.

  7. By UrbanNomad

    24 Sep 2004, 3:16pm [ Reply ]

    Hey Divakar,

    Perfectly natural to have a tinge of sinking feeling as you special (female)friends get into matrimony. Neurotron is right , your male friends will remain mates and whenever you meet you can pick up from where you left off. Not so with female friends. Something changes. In any case you are a nomad, you'll move on;)

  8. By diva

    24 Sep 2004, 3:23pm [ Reply ]

    urban nomad: Thnx dude.

  9. By Neurotron

    27 Sep 2004, 10:48am [ Reply ]

    Didn't get your mail...could u send it again? Send to the rediff acct.

  10. By The Shrink

    28 Sep 2004, 10:56am [ Reply ]

    hey i'm pretty fine...my mood has been improving bout the last few days!!

  11. By inez

    29 Sep 2004, 6:15pm [ Reply ]

    yup...yup yup ypu....its perfectly normal...the silly thing is when you think nothing will change and then it his you how comprehensively unimportant you can be. but then again, friends youve survived long wit, youll probably survive a few marriages too... hee....

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