Corrupt Traffic Police Cyberabad/Hyderabad

For them, innocent two wheelers and car riders/drivers are thieves and chors.

Ramalinga Raju is a great dictator

Aziz Khan | 22 August 2010, 6:37pm

Bundiwalas Mammol On Footh Path Okay
Hawkers Mamools On Footh Path Okay
Goods Carriers - Truck Mamools Okay

Innocent Two Wheelers And Car Riders/Drivers - Thieves Chors

Mr. Rama Linga Raju, Sub-inspector Traffic Banjara Hills Traffic Police Staion, is a great dictator, especially during VIP movement bandobust. He seized my vehicle and refuse give a receipt. Finally agrees to collect Rs 500/-. Violation is fancy number plate, but on the challan it is mentioned wrong parking, left over-taking.

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