Posted by syko 15 June 2007, 12:30am
Out of mind? Quite.


Space is big. Period.

Or as Doug Adams more fully describes:
"Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the drug store, but that's just peanuts to space."

And then there's this rock.
This piece of rock hurtling through the infinity of space for no apparent reason. Since I've brought him into the discussion, I might as well note that Doug Adams also mentions that the planet Earth is "Mostly Harmless".

And finally, there's me.
Just a speck on this rather large (relative to me, that is) blue-green planet. Just one of over six billion sentient beings that sweep across the face of this planet. And with all THAT goin on in the background, i gess it IS a bit too much to expect me to NOT create boundaries around myself; boundaries of the mind, really. But boundaries that primarily center around geography.

Why in God's good name am I typing this in at this hour of the night? Well *cough cuz i guess it's some sort of weak excuse for not bothering to look beyond my own lil corner of the world, wherever that corner may be. Forget abt being bothered...I guess this is more of a way to plead ignorance, an ignorance that is more casual than it is studied and pointed.

The Earth may be Mostly Harmless as far as the galaxy and the rest of the Universe is concerned. But there's far more going wrong right here on terra-firma that ought to concern you and me. Then again, how much can you really keep track of? How much can you care? How much can you relate, to things that happen out of sight? Isn't "out of sight" truly "out of mind"?

Maybe I can help with that.
Atleast as far as Iraq is concerned.

Baghdad Burning
A 25 year old writing from Baghdad.

It'll have you riveted.
It'll have you imagine.
It'll have you think.

'nuff said.

Written on the third of April, 2006. At 11:43PM.

Hello, blog :)

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Posted by syko 13 March 2006, 4:00pm
Well, 195 bucks actually.
And it's a faux-leather strap for my wrist watch and a good 3 kilometre walk to get it, but it could very well pass for happiness. Or something quite like it. But then, that's a good four hours in the past now...and Bono's getting to the good bit in "Walk On" right now, on trusty ole winamp, belting out them favorites on the not_so_old R51.
"Leave it behind, you've got to leave it behind". Hmmm.

1:16AM / Sunday, the 12th of March, 2006.

Lemme tell you a lil story.
No, really.

It goes something like this.

There once was this Zen Master who went a-touring to The Big Apple. He's walking the streets; he gets hungry and decides to get himself a hotdog. There's a vendor on the corner; "Two dawl-urse. get your weiners here!" So the Master forks over a fiver and accepts a hotdog. He then asks the vendor for his change.

So the vendor bows, puts on a solemn face...and says...

"Change must come from within."

syko :-"



I've always thought the idea highly fantastical that we could very well be looking in the wrong direction, in our search for company in the universe. This site's depiction is nowhere close to how small I imagine the little people would be. The scale's all wrong, by a long way, I agree...but heck, they've got the general idea :)

Must visit.



3 Bullet Points for the day.

1. I have found that it's better to go right on and feel bad about it when you've got the chance. Who knows, mebbe 2mro will just dawn all sunny and bright and you'll have lost the chance to have a good cry about it all :-"
2. Did you say that software's bad? Coz something else is better? Read Sabnis on why call centres {or in this case, software} seem to be a lower caste. Get the insight i say. :D
3. Enlightenment of the week: You should ALWAYS be on your way to some place where you can eat something real nice. That way, you'll always have something to look forward to. :D

Me? I'm always on my way to the nearest CCD
so i can have the 25 buck Chocolate Doughnut. :{D

syko :)

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Posted by syko 17 October 2005, 1:35am

Here's a thought, you wayward_soul.
Try THIS on for size.


If you knew that you were gonna die today,
what would you REALLY want to spend your time on today?

fullhydblogs asks you that very same profound question...
albeit in a veiled fashion. Right above this posting_window_thing
is that line warning me about the session expiring in 30 mins and stuff.
But What they're REALLY tryin to say is:

If you knew your session would expire in 30 minutes,
what would you REALLY spend yer time on, you wayward_soul?
what would you REALLY post? huh? HUH?

hehe. :{"


I. In our section on "Expressions of opinions".

bah, you think YOUR blog is cool?
wait until you read wat i found on my wanderings across the
vast plains of the internaat this THIS:

Hi, this site is all about ninjas, REAL NINJAS. This site is awesome.
My name is Robert and I can't stop thinking about ninjas.
These guys are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.


1. Ninjas are mammals.
2. Ninjas fight ALL the time.
3. The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.

Interested? Wait! I've got more :-"


Ninjas can kill anyone they want! Ninjas cut off heads ALL the time and don't even think twice about it. These guys are so crazy and awesome that they flip out ALL the time. I heard that there was this ninja who was eating at a diner. And when some dude dropped a spoon the ninja killed the whole town. My friend Mark said that he saw a ninja totally uppercut some kid just because the kid opened a window.

And that's what I call REAL Ultimate Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't believe that ninjas have REAL Ultimate Power you better get a life right now or
they will chop your head off!!! It's an easy choice, if you ask me.

And yes. Robert Hamburger, the really_bodaciously_weird_yet_so_cool_kid who runs the site
doesnt mind posting answers to a few _questions_we've_bin_dyin_to_ask_abt_ninjas. Like so.

Q and A:.

Q: Why is everyone so obsessed about ninjas?
A: Ninjas are the ultimate paradox.
On the one hand they don't give a crap,
but on the other
hand, ninjas are very careful and precise.

Q: I heard that ninjas are always cruel or mean. What's their problem?
A: Whoever told you that is a total liar.
Just like other mammals, ninjas can be mean OR
totally awesome.

Q: What do ninjas do when they're not cutting off heads or flipping out?
A: Most of their free time is spent flying, but sometime they stab.

:| Are ya droolin already? ARE YA?
You wanna go find dat site dont ya?
like RITE NOW? /:)

iz ok. please to visit
for more really_audacious_and_unbelievably_awesome_facts_on_ninjas.
i spent a LOT of time the other night...reading through the entire site. :{"
fascinating it is. :{D bloddy funny too, if that's wat grabs ya.

you may also read the comments Hamburger's got
from ppl across the world, under a section aptly titled "Hatemail". Die laffing.

and ofcourse, in tune with what's currently sweeping the indian_blogosphere,
Hamburger got himself sued too :{D i swear, bloddy hilarious stuff on the site!

II. In our section on "My new acquisitions"

1. I bought myself a Ducati. No kidding.
Like really seriously. :{"
Rich_kid_me. [See Pics Heah]

2. I bought this CD called Hillsong/More than life.
Gospel Muzak. Track one is sooper song. I like.

3. I also bought this CD called Peace, Love & Truth.
John Lennon & Yoko Ono. Again, Track One is sooper song. I like.

4. No. I stopped buying anything after that Lennon CD.
the rest of the songs sucked @ss. :|


ok. i'm done with my atypical_post.
gbye and godbless.

syko :-"


My sooper favorite joke of all-time.

I'm an insomniacal, dyslexic agnostic.
I lie awake all night, wondering if there's a dog.

=)) ROTFL.

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Posted by syko 11 October 2005, 4:08pm
That's right. Which one would you choose?
In fact, can you actually tell the difference anymore?


No one can be told what the Matrix is.
You have to see it for yerself.


Morpheus could very well be referring to the blog world. It's unreal. I mean, seriously! You have a million pyjama_clad (phrase i picked up recently from somewhere) writers all pecking away at their comps, day and night, rain and shine.

Some are writing about their day, some are printing prose, some are doing poetry, some are bringing you news excerpts, some are doin it all! You laugh at some, you smirk at some others, you turn up yer nose at the writing on a few, and some like. Of these, you follow a few. And this is where the whole thang begins.

The bloggers we follow, end up bringing us the world from their point of view. Which, in the first place, is why we are out there. Coz we like their POV. Infact, their POV acts as a filter of sorts for all the information that's flowing out there. I mean, there are a million things happening out there today. But our favorite bloggers are only talkin of a few things. Like what it means to be poor, or why the solar eclipse this year is gonna be so exceptionally cool, or why lil guitars are optional. :-"

Gettin bak to the point. Our favorite some point...we tend to stop thinkin of our fave bloggers as "some kid out west" and start thinkin of them as ppl we know. Ppl we trust. We start to believe that what they put down is always thought through. What they feel is always accurately described. We know their biases, i mean, they're upfront about them...but we also feel that they'd take requisite care to present an otherwise unbiased opinion. But is that really true?

It's like what this book called BLAcKBOX asks, on the cover: how much do you trust nameless_faceless_ppl? how much? how do you really know that the guy you've never met who's piloting this million_gallons_of_fuel_laden_plane with you on it, can actually do the job he's being asked to do? huh?

ya well. you cant actually go through life without making those kinds of snap_judgments...dass fine...but wen it comes to blogs. wat's to say that some1 who's posted 50 good posts can't make a mistake on the fifty_first?

This is about this.

And this is about MY ANSWER to the rage on her blog.

My point is not about who's right or who's wrong.
It's about the situation itself.
It's about what would have forced ppl
to do the kind of things that were done.
It's about the big picture that's being missed
in the midst of all the noise and all the rage.

It's not about the buggers in IIPM
who posted those comments.
It's about the poor buggers in IIPM
who did NOT post those comments. :|

syko :{"

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Posted by syko 30 September 2005, 12:13am

*cough cough.
*clears throat.
*taps the microphone.
*looks around self~consciously.

wyehell lookee!
another month gone by...phooey.
another hazaar and one things that've happened and gone.
another hazaar and one things that seemed to matter a lot just a month back.
another hazaar and one things that dont seem to mean diddly_squat rite now.
another hazaar and one things that wont stand the test of time.

there are some things, though, that just might make the cut.

Like Malcolm Gladwell.

We're not worthy! I bought Gladwell's The Tipping Point at the Crossword inside the Andheri Shopper's Stop purely on Nash's recommendation... and the bloddy book had me from the word go! dint let me do no work at all in moombhai! {this is me externalizing the blame}. The subject of the book is fascinating for sure, but what's REALLY nice is the way Gladwell writes. For a non-fiction book, even for one that's dealing with admittedly fascinating topics, the writing stands out, being many notches superior to stuff i've been exposed to before.

I dont genrally go by blurbs, or by book reviews...but in retrospect, I see that all the reviews were rite and all the praise, richly deserved. So what do i do when i find an author l'this? I go out and buy another of his/her books...which, in this case, could only mean "Blink".

Blink. *phooey. Let's jes say that Gladwell has kiked @ss heah, bringing fascinating insights into the whys of the way we perceive the world. Things that really caught my eye were the chapters on implicit associations and the one on the cops. I'm all set to read it again this weekend...i'm crazy l'that :D

Well anyways, Blink's lovely.
I recommend. Highly.
Please to go out NOW.
And get yourself a {legal} copy.

syko :-"

PS: the madness beginneth again...two more posts comin up...VERY SHORTLY.
*ok fine...mebbe for a few minutes...but COME BACK! hehehe :{p

PPS: the things that stick out from the month past would be some or all of da brief list below:
sittin next to the emergency exit on the way to moombhai,my discussion with nash on 'serendipity', meeting frends from ages past, messing up the quizzes and doin well on da review, fightin with da bosses over lonavla, meetin the_boys_from_gh3 and that unnamed_person in so many of my posts, gettin invited to the weddin and uncorkin the bubbly, aw hell...loads o' stuff. like always. :{D

I just noticed how weird the term "Legal Copy" is.
Will title this post "Legal Copy" in honor of mine ability to notice truly inane thangs. :-"

Wait! I also noticed how weird the spelling of the word "weird" is!
Ok, i'll stop :D

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Posted by syko 25 August 2005, 1:52am
There's so much to learn, really.


August 25, 2005.


I learnt lots today. But then, i'm pretty sure that you did too.The POINT is, did you step back and take a register that a learnin has happened...did you take a moment to step back and get perspective...did you pause...did you, really?

I dint. But then, wat the hell do ya think i maintain this blaag for? :D

Today. This day the twenty fifth of august in the year two thousand and five, has not been especially different...especially significant...but i choose to pause today and register and note wat i've learnt today. not for any particular reason.
if yer still with me, here i go...

I learnt.

It's easy to say you'll be there by 9:15AM.
But much tougher to actually make it there, if you start brushin yer teeth at 9AM. :|

It's easy to lose perspective and crib abt my life.
But much more difficult to appreciate the reality of those around me.

It's easy to claim respect and privilege based on past glory.
But tougher to earn by friggin day. moment by gritty moment.

It's easy to say "I'm sure you hav a tough time" to someone based in a land that does not speak yer language.
But much more, MUCH more difficult to appreciate how tough it is to get by, to converse, to derive meaning from my job everyday.
try it sometime.

It's far easier to get to play the part.
But not so easy to look the part...
especially wen u look like yer subordinate's "thambi" or sumthin..@()*)( rats. :D

It's so damm easy to quit work by 4PM wen yer on yer own in the field.
But much tougher to quell those pangs of guilt that keep eating me alive, wen i do things l'that. :-s

It's so easy to walk through life and not ask "why".
But i find it's bloddy tough to stop and ask "why" where it counts...
mebbe coz it's not so easy to define those points in time and space that actually count.


It's easy to run through with the blinders on. refusing to observe. mebbe coz u dont wanna.
Much tougher to run without them, as is obvious.

And not very pleasant to have the blinders removed by force either.
*Thanks all the same. I needed to know. Fine, i'll stop thinkin abt it :p



If yer STILL heah...
i've got summat for ya...from one of the most amazing animation movies ever made.

"Circle Of Life"

From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There's more to be seen than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done

Some say eat or be eaten
Some say live and let live
But all are agreed as they join the stampede
You should never take more than you give

In the circle of life
It's the wheel of fortune
It's the leap of faith
It's the band of hope
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle, the circle of life

Some of us fall by the wayside
And some of us soar to the stars
And some of us sail through our troubles
And some have to live with the scars

There's far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found
But the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small on the endless round

In the circle of life
It's the wheel of fortune
It's the leap of faith
It's the band of hope
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle, the circle of life


PS: I agree with "cowboy". I luv that movvay "Kungu Hustle".
Prolly one of the most amazing movies ever made.
Perfection. do NOT miss.


edit: "kungu hustle" is not the same as "kungfu hustle",
as certain colored_foliage_type_ppl assumed.

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Posted by syko 23 August 2005, 11:12pm Good Will Hunting. Totally!


So i was watchin da movie last nite. Saw it for the first time.
Yes. I'd joined a cult of non-tv-watchers...and had thus missed the movie the first 600 re-runs.
But i DID catch last nite's and i must say i ij very impressed with da movvay.

The whole intense fight with the self and awl that aside,
i wis struck by how similar we both was.
Matt Damon and I.

I'm Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting.

Without the genius, ofcourse.
Or the good looks. Or the diction.
Or the suaveness. Or the poise.
Definitely without the girl.

Without the janitor's job either.
Or the uncontrollable rage.
Or the total disregard for social niceties.

Oh crap! I'm NOT Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting!


PS: sorray for all da trouble :D

PPS: i ij make up for yer trouble ok?

1. The Original Matt Damon/Ben Affleck written_on_paper script of Good Will Hunting
I've read half of it already. Soooper :D.

2. Good Will Hunting Central.
Reviews/Transcripts/The whole deal.


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Posted by syko 22 August 2005, 12:52am
16th August 2005

of first time authors and contrasts drawn.
of nostalgia. and a longing for things past.
of the here and now. and cookie man cookies.
and a bit of that tangy mango~orange juice thang i keep handy in the ole icebox.


i'm listening to a disaster called "The Last Mile", a self-composition-thang we played on stage last year.the audience was so confused, they dint clap until like 3 minutes after we ended. that the day is so far back in the past, i can safely say "UGH! that sounded bad!" :D

to set the record straight, we DID play well on more than a few occasions.suffice to say that one of our songs is doing the rounds on the bschool circuit :-" {this is me being mysterious, as usuale}

today. was spent typing out a "draft plan". felt more bskoolish than most other days out here.
bskool dint teach me how to string words together, neither did it teach me how to type into Microsoft Word.
but it seems that watever i do out here gets branded as "that IIM thing that boy does". funny.

ya, in case i dint mention it...there aint no difference where you come from, out here:
they'll call you either "institute" people, or the more common "IIM" people.
catchall phrase it is. after defending the uniqueness of my school for two whole years, this does take a bit of getting used to i gess.


so i read Mediocre But Arrogant. by Abhijit Bhaduri.

celebrated widely for its vivid and realistic portrayal of business school and everything that comes along with it, or so we was told. well...i'm done with the book....and well....ummm...lemme jes say that i'm sure that some of us in this blogsphere woulda bin more than able to string together a bunch of stories from bskool and leave the reader mesmerized and panting for more...let's not go that far...i'm willing to wager a tidy sum that some of us here would be able to string together a simple, coherent, interesting read abt bskool...which is far more than what Mr. Bhaduri has been able to achieve. True, some of the moments in the book caught me off~guard and took me back to where it all began...but heck, that's cause i kno what he's writing about...i was willing to grant him brownie points for casually slipping in "Bodhi Tree" and the like in there somewhere...but for the rest of the uncivilized world, it'd be gobbly-de-friggin-gook for sure.

i tried out the book on someone who doesnt understand the background of the book the way i do...passed it on to a writer we all know very well ... she couldn't get past the seventh page...she was gasping...for air that was NOT full of some Father Hathaway and his life history...she demanded to kno why this Bhaduri chap couldn't hold her interest the way the author of Five Point Someone did, right from the word go.

oh well. one not-so-good book in a week. chalega.
coz the other book i read last week more than made up for this :D

Vernon God Little. by DBC Pierre.
sheer genius, for a first novel. or so said the review.
heck, i dont kno any i'll simply call it "sheer genius", without the rider.
they say it's fit to rank with the Catcher in the Rye. believe it. i do.

lovely. highly recommended.
i mean..."you wanna see your God?" maaan. noice it was.
kinda trite ending. but tis more than made up by the style with which the book carries itself.

time to crash.
1:14AM. might wanna reach office before 10AM 2day.

let's_see :-"

PS: this post is from 16th august. i ij get net 2day. so i ij post now. pliss to not mind ya?

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Posted by syko 21 August 2005, 1:47pm
so i'm online again.


PS: i'm on Airtel Broadband.
256kbps. No limit on downloads.
500 rubees per month vonly.
i'm zo luggy. > tam accent :))

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Posted by syko 24 June 2005, 10:04pm

one indicab, three passengers, one love_lorn_tam_driver, the tam hinterland...and one very very sore butt.


Fine. It's been a week since my upcountry visit.

So here's my report.


Start at 5.30AM from my pad (hehe) @ chennai.
Reach Villupuram @ 9.00AM
Start off from Hotel Akshaya at 10AM.
Reach Hotel at 11PM. After a good day's work.
Distance travelled: 411km by road.

Day 2

More of the same.
Reach chennai @ 11PM.
Distance travelled: 230km by road.


The national highways are a real beauty. Silky smooth, satin black.
Long stretches of high speed driving (
And ya, the back roads are a beauty too. Ruts the size of the indica's tyres...bone shaking bumps...and some of the most beautiful and scenic places i've ever had the good fortune of seeing, on either side of the road. School children runnin across the road at 3PM just on the outskirts of Polur. Still lakes, shimmering under the tamilnad sun. Mughal era embankments and little castles on top of hillocks. And ya, maniacal bus drivers, just to spicen things up a lil. :)

At 4.47PM (i kno, i looked at my watch) on Day 1...i caught myself wondering what i was doing.
The sun beat down mercilessly on to the metal roof of the car...i was miles away from civilization...the last place we had stopped at did not have a mail service (i saw mail being pushed off a bus onto the road...the bus barely stopped for half a minute)...there were no restrooms ANYWHERE! ... (though that did translate to my claiming some parts of the green fields of tamland as my own :-"...anyways :p ... there were no englis_speakin_ppl in the vicinity...except for the two other passengers in my car...and driver had a thing goin on with some girl somewhere...he was on his phone the whole day!...was whisperin sweet nuthings to his looouuuu... {NOT funny...considering the indica aint that big...and considering he kept talkin in this syrupy voice...even as wild bus drivers roared past..grr}... i was saying...i caught myself wondering what i was doing...out there...wat with my having graduated a coupla months back...wat with me knowing full well that software was an option...wen it came to placements, that is...knowing full well that a business analyst role woulda suited me perfectly...knowing that my day would be spent in a comfy office...with free coffee and tea...and food courts...and no travel...and free internet...and a computer on my desk...a DESK, for that matter!...powerpoint to play with...hmm.

i caught myself wondering why in God's good name i was out on that road. but then...

Sometime in late january. My campus. 5.30AM. Dawn in the east indian winter. I'm sitting out there, talking about career choices. And i said to her: "Y'kno sumthing? I think i've had it too damm easy this far. I have yet to face the real world. I have yet to see India. I have yet to kno wat the common man feels like. And i want that. Now. Rather than later. I want to be out on the road. I want to experience it all. And then when I tire of it, I want to be able to retire to comfort. I'm 23. I don't want to be coddled anymore."

It is exactly 'bout this sorta moment that it is said:
"Be careful what you wish for, you just might end up getting it". :)

{Back to the present}

4.48 PM. Day 1.
I smiled as I looked out the window.
It's freaky, getting what you want.
It's freaky, and a marvellous thing too.
It's like Him up there said "Amen" wen i'd stopped talking.

It surely is something to be blessed.
And to know a blessing when you see one, too.



oooh...sorray! dint mention dat the A/C was on full blast in the car...and ya...i did get treated like royalty wherever i went...i'm thinkin it's my sunshades that do the trick :D

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Posted by syko 13 June 2005, 9:35pm lay down them rules that i'd like to follow for a long-ish time.


so if you make an obscene amount of monnay evry month...wat is it you do?


i've tried buying books on the roadside. nope. will not do. no friggin way.
i've tried eating at fancy places. hmm. that helps... slightly :D

but no. i need a better way to spend the paisa. :-"

so i've hit upon summat nice.

RULE XXI of the syko_rule_book!: 
If I respect an artist, I will, God willing and all, make sure that I pay my dues to him/her.

Explanation of RULE XXI
i shall purchase legal copies of art produced by any artist i admire, be it a musician or a writer or a singer. I will say no to piracy*. For the artists i bow down to, screaming "We're Not Worthy!", I shall buy the originals.

So it is written, so it shall be done.


PS: i start counting at 20. i'm crazy l'thaat.

*Except in cases where the piece of art is a remix or some crap like that.

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Posted by syko 06 June 2005, 9:12pm

ola maria! and yoo too...francisca!

ya. i wish.
it's more like ... engui irrekei kamalamma. :))

So first off > *phooey. Looong breath taking now i am.
Coz it is the thing that i am a-havin a lot to say.
But what i not have is da patients. Or patience. Figure out it.

*Coherence returning and all :p


Where do i begin, me_lovelies?

With May 18th? When i wanted to rush back to the hotel and access the internet to type the following words in me beloved blog --"Today is the first day of the rest of my life"?

Or May 19th...when i woke up early and thanked myself for not doin sumthin as stupid as postin dat? :D

Or May 20th...when i stepped onto the tarmac at chennai domestic and had the lovely chennai summer hit me full blast? The night i checked into this amazing hotel and i had to ask myself what i'd done to deserve it all?

Or May actual "first day" thang...which i spent in a...umm...godown? Gaining respect for the ppl who do it day in and day out?

Or any day from the weeks that have followed?
Where I've gone from being "a guy" (and a coo-uhl one at dat :-") to "a bachelor" (!)...who house owners had problems renting out their beloved flats and rooms to? :D

Or mebbe the other day when i almost gave up the ghost on Poonamalle High Road returnin home from office at the early hour of 8.35PM? (thank u god for allowin me to type this in :D) Or even yesterday actually...freaky bus fker...who almost rammed our car..bloddy bad drivin on chennai roads i say.

Or mebbe June 2nd...when i got my first pay packet thang? for the 23 days i "worked" and all... hmm.. that smile dint take long to sober up... the government took away my money! SO MUCH of it! (#*@)*#@)(#* grr.

Or how abt yesterday...when i gave up...literally gave up...coz i realized that this is the way things are gonna be from hereon? That this is how life is gonna be...just me and the road.

Living alone is a real bummer. There aint nothing...NOTHING...great abt it. Independence?'s not like we awl come from military households... What else you got in the other court? Nothin much else mate. Stayin alone is all abt a lot of silences...and i gess some of us just are not the types who'll enjoy dat...{rolls eyes}. Ok fine..i got me some books to read...i've got a great Odyssey down the road from here...but i gess the toughest part of the day is not the time i spend at home ... it's the time i spend in the restaurants...dining alone :p There cant possibly be a lot of things more pathetic (yes i kno..there can be...but jes go ahead and humor me :D) than dining alone.

I have a feeling though...that i'll learn. and live.




1. they said chennai ppl are very warm and all...gess that's true...
but i wonder why none of them hav graduated to "hot" :-" :D
(in case u was wonderin..dat's the LEAST of my problems :p)

2. the names..and what they do with them out's amazing!
loGanatham, KOWSIK, maGesh...are NOT spelling mistakes here :D

3. it's FKIN hot out here...and i live on the roads ... doin market visits...
not a day goes by wen i'm not thinkin abt me pals workin in AC offices :p

4. in just 2 short weeks... i've seen so much...dat i wanna sit and post some
one thousand posts on ppl...and their the "premiere MBA" thang. my friends in software and consulting wont be seeing these reactions...but i am...coz i interact with ppl on the street, literally.  More on dat later.

5. oh ya, those articles on "What they dont teach you at MBA"? 
hehe...i've got a long list of my own ready already.



There i was sitting in my room thinkin i had to..HAD abt my life out here...and a title strikes me > "Stranger in a strange land". So i'm like ok fine...and then i pick up one of the DC Comics i bought (note: i'm nuts...i spend a LOT on crap :D)...and it turns out to be Superman...and on page says..Superman has adopted earth (and likewise)...but he'll always be a ..."Stranger in a strange land"! :D

spookay :-"

edit: damm! so much text..and i realize it dont tell none of me story at all!
fine. this week. you shall hav it. as shall i.
documentation on the silences in my life.

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Posted by syko 12 May 2005, 2:23am
I dont genrally blog when sumthing shitty happens.

But this time i gess i shall.

Any medium of communication.
Should not just help transfer the message, it should also provide cues for a context to be created and maintained. And this is bloddy important coz the mood of the person involved may be as fickle as a fiddle (better analogies are a waste)... so any medium of communication should provide information on
a. whether the context has changed
b. what that change is.

If a medium cannot accomplish this, it is a bloddy waste.

A couple of examples.
Context shift cues in oral communication:
tone of voice/volume of exchange/things like that

Context shift cues in face-to-face verbal communication:
All of the above. and...
facial expressions/the beginnings of a smile/or a frown for that matter...shit like that.

Context shift cues in a chat window.
Huh? What? Where?

Chatting, as I've come to painfully experience, does not provide for cues to a shift in the mood of the conversation. The smileys are sposed to help. But the overwhelming focus here is on how well the participants in the conversation know each other...and sometimes, that's just not enough.

Today's not the first time. I find that many-a-times, I hav to be quick to spot a change in the tone of the other person...i get it right a lot. but not ALL the bloddy time. and neither does the other person. and that's sad. coz i seem to hav jus lost faith in this whole chat business.


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Posted by syko 15 April 2005, 12:30am
Funny, aint it?

Funny, aint it? That life is so unpredictable...that every day, every moment in time is made of so many variables coming together to create that one tick of the clock...and we, in all our learnedness, assume that we can predict the way our day will turn out? It truly is amazing, if you think about it.

Back when I was a programmer_geek_guy_types_person, I used to wonder. Wonder about the bloddy intricate and amazing system that the earth is. For a period in time, I considered encoding things 'round me. First {and last} target: evrything in my room. Just my room, not my house, not hyderabad, not earth. Just my room and everything there was in it. See, now THERE was the "a-ha" moment for me :D I mean, think abt it...encoding shit like tables, chairs and all...bah...but then...there's dust, and a million other floating thangs...and then there's dirt...and THEN, there's ME! Living organism with just about a gazillion parts! And i was like...IF (and that's a big IF)...IF i encode all this, wat in the world would it take to make all them objects behave like real_life_type_things? What kinda processing power would i require, assuming i wrote the code to make it work in the first place =)), to actually run the system? And i'm talkin a lil room in the middle of nowhere here. Not too much in the room. But still, enough randomness and enough object interaction to make any kinda hardware crawl to a halt. {end of stupid technical idea.}

Now, bak to the original thot.

"But still, enough randomness and enough object interaction to make any kinda"...
Hmm...One good thing that came out of that stupid_technical_typical_engineer_type_idea was that...uh...the sheer size and complexity of the universe just about hit me. slightly. not too much to drive me stark raving mad or anything. but enough to stun me. into appreciating the beauty of the universe. of life. and the freaky proportions of it all.

My thought for the day i gess, is this...

There's Life on one hand. Filled with randomness...a million million variables interacting with each other...without any obvious plan...without a visible architect...with just about a very large number of things that could just go right ahead and act anyway which way they want...

And then there's us.
Sitting right smack in the middle of all this...
Planning. For our future. For us. For others.
Talking.With confidence, of days to come. Of years to come. Of things we have yet to see. Or achieve.

Funny, aint it?




I'd think confidence in the future {not just IN the future, but also that you'll even SEE the future, in as much as the very NEXT minute IS your future} can only come from an insane belief{or an absence of any doubt} that all those innumerable random variables will just say "goody" and act according to plan...your plan and my plan that is...and not just go and fk up the whole jamboree.

Fine. Granted that ppl dont have absolute confidence in the future...ppl onli hav "hopes" for the future...but THEN...that's insane too aint it? "hoping" that all the gazillion random pieces come together?

But then again, what if you believed in a God who can control all those innumerable random pieces that make up your day? What if you believed, firmly, in some part of yer mind, that YOU may have no say in what plays out...but HE surely does? Would that insane belief i talked about be any less insane now? {edited}


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Posted by syko 29 March 2005, 6:13pm

Oooh ya! Sure does. Try it once and tell me it aint addictive :p


Time friggin flies. Thought for the day. That it friggin flies.

Feels like yesterday dat i was all excited about going away from home and all that...and i am today. two years down. listening to reports of a new batch of ppl hitting discussion forums round the net posting shit like ..."i cant believe i made it!" and things like that and all that.

Feels like yesterday, i swear, that i picked up me bags to step off at a dusty (uh...actually not :p) lil town somewhere south of the himalayas. (ok fine...this is WAY south. but i like the sound of dat :p )

Well, anyways, fast forward to today.

I sit here in front of an open pack of moser-baers, writing CD after CD of memories.
photographs taken, songs sung, videos posed for, assignments done...and re~done, resumes created with care, powerpoint presentations labored over, mails hell...memories all,  i tell ya.

memories. of good times and bad. of moments sour and sweet. of fights fought and friendships won. of victories and defeats. of moments of peace and utter quiet. of moments of laughter and sheer madness. of travelling bands and moving walls. of standing tall and standing proud. of reaching out for help, and of reaching out to help. of wrongs things said, and of not saying much. of smiling a whole friggin lot, and of bringing smiles to the whole friggin lot. of blessings and boons. of half chances turned into opportunities. of standing firm too. of fears faced. of tears of sadness and tears of joy. of conversations through the night. of crazy@ss chat sessions too. of kungfu movies and and an overdose of rajnikant. of rachel & ross, and monica and chandler, and phoebe and joey. of that crazy@ss cartman kid too. of playing pianissimo. of talking through the wall. of sitting at the same table for lunch and dinner, every single day. of the great outdoors too...of mountains and lakes and of snow and sleet. of night and day. and yak poo too.

ok. wait. this sounds like i was in a musical or something...
well....sorta...if those in the know get my drift :p




no endnote. bollocks. dont feel like it. just had to type all that out. dassall.

but .... if you insist :p
ok. i'm thinking...the reason evry1's goin nuts abt this whole leaving_this_place thing is that...uh...i dont kno...coz they made good friends? coz they had fun? coz they kiked @ss? probably. but i'm a-thinking it's coz we were hostel-ling (if there IS such a word). and hostelling in style too. no family around. no wardens around. no rules. just a whole lot of work to keep us on the straight and narrow. so we did the obvious thang...stayed up all night and pardayed hard. we'd see family like once in 3 to 6 months. the rest of the time, THESE guys was family. i'm a-thinking that THAT is the deal here. that it's family we're sayin goodbye to. and a carefree lifestyle the likes of which ppl on the outside can only dream of.

ah well. twas good while it lasted. time to move on ...
and see if we can duplicate the carefree-ness of it all wherever we go :D


PS: in case you dint get it (well, how COULD you? i dint type in no specifics! sheesh.) anyways, it's like i'm leaving campus and all that. just graduating from a residential program in a small school faaar south of the himalayas [there! red herring! RITE THERE! :-"] which is very popular. in the local town that is. locally_popular_small_school. let's just keep it at that shall we? :-"

PPS:  nxt post, just in case you wanted to kno:
how i walked in the clouds. and lived to tell the tale.

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