Green is an software professional now but he aims to be a writer and been working on a book for quite sometime. His high school sweetheart, Nadine, rejected him 6 years ago and he still loves her. She went on to pursue her degree in medicine but Green couldn’t let her go for he realized he was in love with her. So he writes a letter at last….


My dear,
You have thwarted me long enough to continue it any longer. Shrouded in prejudice you stride still upholding the acoustic courtesy. I can no longer be tormented mind and body for you have reached the pinnacle and me the nadir.
Why should a man be denied of his love or why a woman be tormented by him, the way of cosmos has always intrigued us in a cruel way. You amply fill me, your face an ambassador to my heart and your thoughts it chariot.
Very few chances have I had, the opportunity to look into your beautiful lavish inquisitive brown eyes and yet you stare at me with such deep passion of hatred, forgetting the basis of reason for such abhor ness. My speech falters as you look at me an insignificant man as a mighty would on his prey. Those burning embers of hatred don’t reach my senses for your lack of conspicuousness.
What has a man done to incur such wrath, a being can never live amidst such chaos. We have never spoken eye to eye before but for once where your words hurt my soul for burning and drowning seemed a better climax.
The words ‘I do not want to talk to you’ stalled my mind issuing a slow death penalty to my heart. Thou shall forsake none but even he needed someone to comfort him and took comfort in her. Though I propose theories of oneness and advising others to live for themselves now deep with in I ache for you, my dreams contrive to make you happy, a man never ever wishes ill for his beloved.
My self yearns for you, for nubility is an innate doctrine as shameless as our bellies.
Your eyes are sharper than any blade I have forged for none can truly pierce a heart with a mere stare. Demeaning it was during the times I admired those hazel pearls. It held hatred coated with spite for the one who prized you. Such is the way I am anointed in your mind, an object of revulsion; this alone marred my happiness forever.
Perseverance paves way to persistence, which in turn ignites passion and desire.
We all pursue happiness but most don’t realize this quest, but it is the most basic of our goals from the moment the light invades our eyes and the umbilical cord is cut to care for the comfort. But Comfort always comes with subtle exploitation so is my desire for you.
Even now I wonder whether I need someone to share my feelings, for a man is born alone and so does he die alone. But still we seek comfort in a nonchalant manner as our mind always work in ways we cannot comprehend.
I still wonder whether/will happiness come along with you, for it is a grave risk.
Though love has been explicitly stated between a man and woman which may sometimes be contradictory, as from the second we are born we yearn for it from out parents, friends, peers, colleagues and finally from our beloved.
A man may not be as handsome as the Gods, but his words are adorned with beauty for it is his enigmatic mind which contrives such.
How much ever advanced a man may be in science and technology but he fails to understand his own anatomy as he requires an external aid – a doctor or chamfer.
You truly delighted me when I saw your lustful desire to take care of others. Most of us do not even get a chance to do what they want rendering them sad and empty and finally arrives the redeeming part on a golden palanquin.
How much ever a man earns he can never buy happiness and contentment such is my case. I can never truly be happy without you for you beautify by inner self, at least let me avail a chance as we have never really known each other.
A chance may be a fatal one for either of the parties involved but never take me for a coward for if you will I can redo the labors of Hercules for such is my inner strength. I can hold you on my back and to your comfort till you wither away and till you wish, such is my vigor.

So let me humbly request a favor, ‘Will You Go Out With Me’, let us talk, let us be conspicuous in this rendezvous and let us know each other. This will help us greatly for a person never opens their heart to another one unless a spark flashes between them. To achieve or attain something the basic work is to contemplate and ask for it. So have I asked you and the answer truly lies with you.
Over the years I have been branded crazy and mad of the work, for the world I have invented makes me.
This realm is so beautiful and artistically constructed, fabricated as it is intended for you. I started writing for you though I am not an erudite still I try with all I have. For writing brings out a true passion locked inside a man. So deep is my desire for you to write an epic legendarium instilling my heart as papyrus and pouring my soul as ink into it.
A man may raise a great structural monument or die for his beloved but still he has to earn for her love, to capture her heart. Nevertheless, true happiness comes with a price, so shall I pay.
I do not propose that I am well versed in love and life but for the part I am ignorant in you may be knowledgeable. As
Ignorance is the root of all exploitation, so please enlighten me. Fill the gaps in my soul and you shall receive the same, for yin and yang can never exist without another.
I beg of you to not let pass this as in times of despair if ever my thoughts cross your mind…..
Time waits for none, so will be our contemplated happiness be dead and grey.
You may argue in favor of denial of ‘lost cause’ but isn’t it only to soothe your mind.
Please consider this proposal of mine for I have seen many women but none ever appealed to me as much as you. For you stand as the epitome of beauty in my conscious.
You are the base scale, the platform with which I measure the beauty of other women with.

Even though I am saying all these to covet you but love never needs a reason if it has one then it isn’t love.
Till my conscious ceases you will reside in my heart.
No women in this world can suffice my desire nor can any God mend this shattered heart except you.

I am neither a good poet nor an eloquent writer so please pardon me if I have kindled your anger again, Please be considerate.

Thank you
(You are my Tabes Dorsalis, Heal Me)

Imagine yourself to be Nadine, what will you decide?
Comments are welcome

Current Mood: Love Letter from a truly mad person

That night has been etched in my memory forever; after all it was the night that changed my life forever.
I, Theagus a young juvenile prince hid behind the door of the old warehouse, anxiously waiting for Walter, the queen’s personal guard. I didn’t want to get caught easily for Walter has never failed. But this time it was different, for I hid in the warehouse that my grandmother forbade me to visit. Dim light poured in through the crevices and heavy downpour with thunders rode the sky. Darkness frightened my senses so I didn’t stray away from the door.The fact I was alone in the manor made me tremble, as wild thoughts invaded my imagination. As I stepped back, the floorboards creaked and instantly broke; I pulled out my leg in time. As I examined the broken tile I saw something shine beneath the boards. My heart rapped faster as I took a deep breath and my hand plunged into the hole. Soon I felt something hard and square. I carefully pulled it out and was surprised to see an old brown book. The sudden lightning revealed the golden words on it, ‘This Belongs To Slevinir’. I realized that I am holding my grandfather’s journal. My fingers carefully turned the fragile pages browsing it; though the pages were old but the handwriting seemed lucid. The journal seemed interesting but ended abruptly; I started reading the last page without knowing its implications.
It read ‘Today I Slevinir, Prince of Aspidochelone shall write my last words. I again met Krisuri for the last time and begged for forgiveness. Prejudice still shrouded her heart so she upheld the acoustic courtesy. My heart failed and I know I can’t live like this. A man whose conducts can’t impress even his beloved, how can he be expected to deal with emissaries and adversaries as a king? I can no longer prize her in my heart nor crown her in my mind, the mental agony is unbearable. She amply fills my head, her face an ambassador to my heart, I cry for her in bed. I shall cease this consciousness tonight forever. I also met my two close friends silver haired Ralphie and cut nose Rahl. How can a man live without food, how can I leave without seeing them. This Valediction is of my own accord so let her be happy for ignorance is bliss.’

I noticed the change in handwriting but continued,
‘my love, how could I have been so foolish, I loved you the same way you did, but forgiveness takes time for your sin is no less. I hold the same bottle the apothecary gave you, let me endure the same fate. I shall not lead my life without you; let the heavens join us in suffering’
Color drained off my face as thoughts clogged my mind refraining me to think clearly.
The door opened and an old man walked in “Found you, master Theagus, Queen Krisuri requests your presence.”I looked at the man, as lightning stuck I noticed the vivid cross cut on his nose and instantly called him “Rahl”
The man’s eyes widened, in fear and he replied.
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