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Model community development - Tackling bad roads

Suren Poruri | 10 June 2009, 2:28pm

Bad roads is  a major issue across the city in Hyderabad. Except for main roads, most of the roads will be in bad shop. What are the reasons? did we ever think of them? We are good at cursing the government. Government needs to take primary responsility for it. Our government is inefficient. What's the alternative?

1. Take active interest in solving the issue. Identity the root causes and work towards elimintating them

2. Chalta hai. This attitude is killing us.

What are the root causes of bad roads?

1. Is it lack of funds?

2. The guy responsibile for maintaining the roads does a shitty job?

3. Citizens are used to the bad roads. why bother repairing them?

Here is my view.

1. Sufficient funds exist. 2. Roads maintenance guys bribes politicians and doing a shitty job. 3. since citizens don't react politicians, bureucrats, government don't bother.

I request all citizens to spend 10% of their time in responding to social issues.

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Model community development

Suren Poruri | 10 June 2009, 1:11pm

Model community is one where solution exists for all kinds of society problems. It’s a myth to think that they will not have any issues. They are equipped to deal with all kinds of issues, where as ordinary communities don't. Why do we have pathetic roads, drainages, rain water floods, etc., because the citizens don't take their social responsibilities seriously. People think, govern should fix these issues. The primary responsibility lies with the government. But, if government doesn't solve, what' the alternative? Citizens should take responsibility in solving these issues.

That's how my idea of model community evolved. My vision is to develop a model community, which will be at par with the developed world like America, Europe. I plan to select a small area with a population size of 40 to 50000. I plan to make this community world class, where I attempt to work on following issues in this area.

1. Drainage 2. Rain water floods

3. Bad roads 4. Clean Drinking water

5. Garbage collection & disposal 6. Illiteracy

7. Unemployment 8. Thefts & Crimes

9. Poverty 10. Pollution

11. Playgrounds for children 12. Child workers

13. Parking 14. Hawkers

15. Pedestrian paths 16. Corruption

17. Cleanliness 18. Driving discipline

19. Maintaining Ground water levels 20. Earth warming

I have already started my first activity of mentoring poor unemployeed graduates. I will assist these people in getting a job. You can meet me on Saturdays at S7, varalakshmi complex, ranigunj, secunderabad ( ranigunj circle, in the same building of syndicate bank). So, please share this message with all. I need volunteers for initiating activities in the above areas. My contact details: I will share my mobile, if you send email with your contact details.

Regards Suren

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Suren Poruri | 10 June 2009, 1:08pm

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