It hurts deep down in my heart upon hearing “Will Telangana come?” or “If Telangana comes…,” or “Will Telangana form?”  It hurts because; to come back, Telangana has not traveled to some place or it never was deformed. I very strongly believe that these words first have come from the anti Telangana protesters in the process of speculating the so called problematic outcomes after the Telangana statehood.

In reality, on November 1st 1956 it was the state of Andhra Pradesh that has come or formed. Telangana is evidently intact and undamaged in the hearts, sentiments, and in the exquisite tradition of Telangana people. According to me after Telangana regains its statehood, if something is to newly come or form then that would be the state of PrathyekaAndhra or Seemandhra.

The term Telangana can never be owned by anyone by simply taking birth in the region or by just dwelling in this land. One should practice the true spirit of brotherhood and “Live and Let Live” should become the slogan, which are the true essences of Telangana. We the people of Telangana are immensely tolerant. Tolerant enough to entertain derogatory statements made on our mother tongue both in cinema and in general communiqué, tolerant enough to let non-Telangana people rob our jobs, tolerant enough to let our resources and funds get hijacked to non-Telangana areas. And on the contrary, our tolerance is often misinterpreted at large as the inefficiency or fearfulness when we are tolerant only to keep the slogan “Live and Let Live” maintained. 

Enough-is- enough, now are the times to let know everyone that we the people of Telangana are determined, determined to reclaim the magnificence of Telangana, determined to bring the on going constitutional partiality to an end. I urge the true people of Telangana to join hands in reclaiming the glory of Telangana by methodically participating in the process of regaining the statehood of Telangana. We should no longer recognize any party, any leader, or any such thing that deviate the main cause. We should only recognize the hearts of millions that are anxiously pulsating for the Telangana statehood.

Also, it is extremely worrying to see many committing suicide for the cause of Telangana. I want every person who thinks about suicide to know and realize that it can only weaken our strength, further to it; I wish everybody amongst us to share, cherish and be a part of the day we all are going to witness soon, the day Telangana stands out as the most promising state of INDIA. 

Jai Telangana Jai Jai Telangana


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