Trust. And the ability to judge people. That is what it takes people. That is what it takes.

So i'm walking down one of 'em tree lined avenues in campus this morning...awesome sunshine streaming down after days of rain...clutching me meagre breakfast...chai and a samosa...after the first session for the day...

And i'm saying "Can ya believe that guy? He was asking me to DELEGATE! har de har har... i mean... how does that even work???" A moment later i'm saying..."Oh ya...but if i cant delegate, i wont make a good manager will i now?"

And she's saying "Well ya, think abt it. If you arent delegating, you arent a manager. You'll always be the one who's doing the damn work"

:|And i'm like...damn! that is true.

But delegation aint as easy as it aint passin da buck, for sure. I'm thinking delegation be much more involved...involves bein able to judge people for wat they are...not wat they put themselves out to be...knowing ppl's strengths and weaknesses. And ultimately, it's in being able to trust that others can put in the dedication and effort required to do an awesome job. (Theory X and Y crap all over again, sounds like :p) You trust, you let go. You dont, you end up micro-managing...and yes, you end up doing the friggin work yerself.

Learn to understand people. And learn to trust. My lessons for the day :p
In philosophical_sounding_crap_of_the_day...

Delegatus non potest delegare. Latin for "A delegate cannot delegate"

Uh...i dont kno how that makes sense here. Just added it for the Latin effect :D

thinking_i'm_sum_kinda_guru :p

PS: this blog shalt be a mix of crap like dis...and some musings crap.
So...a bit delayed...but here it is...welcome to the crap :D

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