I'm looking for 'positioning' here. Yes me mates.


So me friend and I, out here in the boondocks, are talking abt fullhydblogs.

First off, we ARE in the boondocks...sumwhere in east india :p So anything to do with HYD gets a bit of premium airtime :p I mean, I had this msg incoming on yahoo yesterday -
V: There's a Smokin Joe's in Hyd now!!!

Ok. We ARE sad :D But hey, we're stuck in the middle of nowhere out here. And in the face of constant inputs from ppls across India, touting their own cities to be the most awesomely humongously bodacious things on planet earth (Ex: Bangalore SO rocks! Aaaaaah! The bars! The eateries! The people! The weather! The dogs! The cattle! droool! @*#&@*(#...well, you get the point :p ), we do treasure any info abt Hyd that makes us go 'nicey'. :p We NEED reinforcement here, things that tell us we rock too. Sad, but true.

Second off, both of us are reelly pleasantly surprised with fullhydblogs. I mean, we had NO clue our very own hyderabad peoples were writin this awesomely and all. Ok, now that all the regular bloggers out here are feelin good abt themselves, time to move on to what i want to say.

I've trawled the blogs. And I've trawled. And I've read. And I've formed my opinions.

This place is very different from blogspot.com In terms of the kind of blogs that go up here. The content is pretty personal. People writing about things that go on in their heads and all dat. That's cool. Also,this place seems SO much like a story-writing competition. A high school essay contest perhaps. Not in terms of the quality of writing. But in terms of the intent. The writing here seems to me to be exhibitionistic. (I REELLY am not talkin of the psychiatrical definition here. Aran please note :D). Not that that's such a bad thing; after all, all blogs start out that way. Self conscious prose. No, that's not the point of this post.

The point is...the blog posts here seem to tend towards one of two extremes. Humor or depression. I love em all. Read em all. But that seems to be my analysis. One or both of these sentiments seem to flow out of each blog. So what is MY problem?

My problem is ... as a newcomer to fullhydblogs, where do I pitch myself? Which camp do i join? Or do I stand apart from all this?

From a purely strategic perspective, and from viewing this place as an exhibitionistic contest, I come to the conclusion that I'm REALLY long drawn. :D No, that's not it. I've come to the conclusion that I oughta 'position' myself (As Trout and Ries would have it)... on a different axis. Give the readers something different to read. Something that's not so personal.

I shall position myself as a serious blogger. The one that seems to think he can analyze situations and bring some insight into evryday deals. And THIS post has been the first such onslaught on fullhyd from me :D

*Phew, I'm done for the day.


In Summary

So lets see. I dont have humor on the blog. That cancels some 95% of repeat visits. I dont have depression and related content. That cancels the 4.256% of ppl here who WANNA read things like dat. THat leaves me with 0. uh...dammit... ya...that leaves me with 0.744% of fullhyd population :D Phooey. So basically, if my page counter EVER hits 400, dats coz I've refreshed my page a 100 times. :D

On dat thot, signing off.

Disclaimer: I'm much given to shifting perspectives. So dont hold me up to anything I mite have written above :p

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