He found it.
The One Ring.


One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Well, how in God's good name could Chotu hav known?
I mean, he's a friggin dhobi for godssakes! (no offense to any dhobis who're reading this...
but i jes presume y'all dhobis havent read or watched LOTR...hopefully, a safe presumption...) :-s

Twas a day jus like ne other. A wednesday. Day to leave me clothes out. For him to pick em up and promise to deliver em by saturday next. Since time immemorial, this is how things worked. (time immemorial...or since i started to give my clothes to chotu :p )... There he was...the smilin git...and he was like...yo wassup! Uh wait...that was one of me moronic frends.. :p .. oh wait! THERE he was...sayin 'aur kapde hai kya bhaiyya?' And i'm like...ya...its been what now? 4 months since i got this Levi's washed? Looks like its just abt time to get it a lil clean.. :-" (hope mom's not reading this :-s)

Ya...so...i gave him the clothes. And he walked away.

And that was when the rumors started. That strange things were afoot. That the One Ring had been stolen. By Chotu. :|

First off, I shouldn't have left the damm Ring lying about my room. I mean...i'm damm careless when it comes to such things. For godssakes, Gandalf'd said..no no..according to LOTR,
"He paused, and then said slowly in a deep voice: ' This is the Master-ring, the One Ring to rule them all...He greatly desires it - but he must not get it."

And wtf! Gandalf was talking about Chotu??? I thot he was talking abt Sauron...bloody idiot...@(#*)#@ Always wrapped up in his own lil world...always talking in verse...i'm thinkin he's been havin too much mead...watever....

Ya, so...of COURSE i dint believe the rumors. I mean, the One Ring! To the uninitiated...it be EVIL people! EVIL! and it make you invisible! And Chotu, to the uninitiated...is this really nice, smiling git. (ya, if you've paid attention, some of me moronic frends also answer to this description. weird world i live in.)

I dont kno how he did it. But he slipped it past me. And the Ring called out to him with all its power. He KNEW he ought not to wear it. But he did. It just willed itself onto his finger.

And that's it. The end of the story.

Glad y'all read so far. :-"



Ya. Ok..so you can gess wat happened next. Chotu turned invisible. I mean...REALLY invisible! It's been about a month since i've seen him...and he's AWOL...WITH my clothes...AND my unwashed Levi's! YEEEAAGH! :-L
And people say they can still hear him call out "aur kapde hai kya bhaiyya?"... brrr... and i sometimes feel like i can still see the smile on the git's face...or mebbe i'm just confusin him with my frends. watevah.


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