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"Syko last posted on Sep 14, 2004 at 3:59 pm"

A lot's happened since then, I dare say. But nothing as earth shattering as last term. This last month's been "normal"...as definitions for "normal" go. Did me some work. Got me some cool grades. Made me some new friends. Heard me some new muzak. Learnt loadsa new shit. Designed. Built. Developed. Organized. Networked. Fought. Fretted. Put straight face. Smiled; more than usual. Partied. Dined out. Won. Lost. Cheered the winners. Booed the losers (kishore's school :p). Got on stage. Had my own moments of glory. Got rich. And yes, Slept. A lot.

Just another month. To be forgotten in another month's time. Kikass time to be sure, but to be lost in time all the same. Funny that.

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What makes the world go round? Love eh? :D

Ok...so Dilbert asks Dogbert this question...(or in typical hyderabadi, KOCHHAN)...rephrasing...Dilbert asks Dogbert this kochhan...

Dilbert: Dogbert, do you think Love is the strongest force in the universe?
Dogbert: No. I'd have to go with stupidity.
Dogbert: Followed closely by its cousin ignorance.
Dogbert: Morning breath is number three.
Dogbert: Then you've got selfishness, lust, fear, money and luck.
Dilbert: But love is in the top ten right?
Dogbert: It's fourteenth. Right after foolish optimism.
Ofcourse, this is about the time i mention that in another strip, Dilbert goes "Maybe i should get myself a cat." :D :D

Ya watever. So this isn't about love. Dont close this window yet :p.

I was jus wonderin (idly as usual) abt what really makes the world go round...and i'd hav to say it's passion. Passion me frends. The kind that keeps you up till 4 in the morning (or watver YOUR midnite is)...drives you to perfection, to attempting the impossible. The kind that makes you struggle to the end, that keeps you going when the fight's fled every1 else. Also, ofcourse, the kind that delights you, that mesmerizes you, that keeps you going not coz you HAVE to do what yer doing, but coz you WANT to. Passion.

What's yours, i wonder.


But then...wtf...i really aint so sure every1 out there has atleast ONE thing they're damm passionate about. Dunno. All i know is...the ones who have their passion figured out...the ones who can say THIS is the thing...maaaaaaan...aint they lucky? i mean...what else could you ask for? :^)


ahm_going_to_ahmedabad_baybee :-"
tada y'all. wish me luck.


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