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Am cutting the "oh no i havent blogged in a long while" crap right out right now :D hyello again to evry1 though.

Practising for a gig is painful. It's not the fact that we have to play bits of the song over and over again until we get it just's more of the unearthly time we choose to practise at:p Thinking back over all the time our band's played...i can't think of a single time we've practised 1. in the morning 2. atleast a week before the show.

So basically...if the gig's on 11th'll find us going crash-bang the night before the show...ALL NITE. There was this one time actually where we practised every night for 4 days for a performance in Calcutta....that meant starting at 10PM evrynite...going on to 5AM evryday. The show went well...very satisfying...but the the lack of sleep translated to a very groggy me for the next few days. That's how I feel right now. Slightly groggy. :p

But then it's worth it.

December 11th, 8.43 PM.
Standing on stage, with the lights in your face, sound monitors hissing in front of you. Drummer doing dat ole drum roll routine he's so damm good at. Lead guitarist finishing up his god-awesome-lead thing. Bassist lookin at you...mouthin to you that you shud be ready.

I am. As ready as I can be. Percussion stops...and guitars fade out. All silent. Start hittin C with the right hand. Turn up the volume dial slowly...get the volume just right. Bring down the left hand onto the chords. Start playing. Audience is like wtf mate....wat's THIS guy playin...dint the song just end??? 20 seconds look past the stage lights...and ppl who've recognized what you're doing are goin "woohoo" in the audience...dont get distracted. look down. continue playing...reach the end of the first verse. cue the drums and the metal guitar. drummer steps in neatly. the bloody god level guitar fker i play with...steps in ever so sweetly with his bit...and well...


Well..the night ended well. Ok. Gotta admit twas local bands we was playing with. And they were playing Limp Bizkit and The Rasmus while we were playing Floydian Era stuff so the contrast was incredible. Ya, the sound system was not all it cuda been and the first song went under coz of the extra amp given to the metal guitar. But it all evened out in the end. And the last piece brought the house down. :-)

Now THAT is worth any amount of painful practice.


PS: Blaag title refers to the first song of the night from us. -Presidents of the USA- version. Not -The Buggles- one. Much more jiggy shtyle :D


Context: I play the synth. For a band. And no we dont play at weddings. dont bother asking. it's very irritating. (@#&*(*@#&( those ppl are "ORCHESTRA ppl"...not BAND ppl. damm.


Finally: The Piece > Layla. Not the one you wuda heard. The one that was played at the Rainbow Concert in England. Eric Clapton with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Try finding it on Kazaa or something. 9 minutes. The first six minutes is Layla_regular (if i may call it that)...the next three minutes is the part i've written about. Piano+Metal Guitars+Bass+Percussion. One of the sweetest things I've heard. Or played. Leave you to judge it for yourself. Out.


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