Here's to everything you were.


[syko blogs this post not for any of you chaps. but for record keeping purposes and the like. y'kno. :-" ]

Here's to first times...

~the first time i started a year sittin in a restaurant chewin on chicken sizzler [to be exact, finished eating at 12.04AM Jan 1st 2004]

~the first year i started away from home and family

~the first away-birthday

~the many damm firsts. the first trek. the first campin trip. like REAL campin.

~first kayaking thing. rapids. (ok. there wasnt anything REMOTELY rapid abt the water. bloddy cheats (#*@)(#)

~the first time i mustered enuff courage to take that first step. edit.

~first visits. to bombay. to ahmedabad. to orissa.

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