I dont genrally blog when sumthing shitty happens.

But this time i gess i shall.

Any medium of communication.
Should not just help transfer the message, it should also provide cues for a context to be created and maintained. And this is bloddy important coz the mood of the person involved may be as fickle as a fiddle (better analogies are a waste)... so any medium of communication should provide information on
a. whether the context has changed
b. what that change is.

If a medium cannot accomplish this, it is a bloddy waste.

A couple of examples.
Context shift cues in oral communication:
tone of voice/volume of exchange/things like that

Context shift cues in face-to-face verbal communication:
All of the above. and...
facial expressions/the beginnings of a smile/or a frown for that matter...shit like that.

Context shift cues in a chat window.
Huh? What? Where?

Chatting, as I've come to painfully experience, does not provide for cues to a shift in the mood of the conversation. The smileys are sposed to help. But the overwhelming focus here is on how well the participants in the conversation know each other...and sometimes, that's just not enough.

Today's not the first time. I find that many-a-times, I hav to be quick to spot a change in the tone of the other person...i get it right a lot. but not ALL the bloddy time. and neither does the other person. and that's sad. coz i seem to hav jus lost faith in this whole chat business.


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