*cough cough.
*clears throat.
*taps the microphone.
*looks around self~consciously.

wyehell lookee!
another month gone by...phooey.
another hazaar and one things that've happened and gone.
another hazaar and one things that seemed to matter a lot just a month back.
another hazaar and one things that dont seem to mean diddly_squat rite now.
another hazaar and one things that wont stand the test of time.

there are some things, though, that just might make the cut.

Like Malcolm Gladwell.

We're not worthy! I bought Gladwell's The Tipping Point at the Crossword inside the Andheri Shopper's Stop purely on Nash's recommendation... and the bloddy book had me from the word go! dint let me do no work at all in moombhai! {this is me externalizing the blame}. The subject of the book is fascinating for sure, but what's REALLY nice is the way Gladwell writes. For a non-fiction book, even for one that's dealing with admittedly fascinating topics, the writing stands out, being many notches superior to stuff i've been exposed to before.

I dont genrally go by blurbs, or by book reviews...but in retrospect, I see that all the reviews were rite and all the praise, richly deserved. So what do i do when i find an author l'this? I go out and buy another of his/her books...which, in this case, could only mean "Blink".

Blink. *phooey. Let's jes say that Gladwell has kiked @ss heah, bringing fascinating insights into the whys of the way we perceive the world. Things that really caught my eye were the chapters on implicit associations and the one on the cops. I'm all set to read it again this weekend...i'm crazy l'that :D

Well anyways, Blink's lovely.
I recommend. Highly.
Please to go out NOW.
And get yourself a {legal} copy.

syko :-"

PS: the madness beginneth again...two more posts comin up...VERY SHORTLY.
*ok fine...mebbe for a few minutes...but COME BACK! hehehe :{p

PPS: the things that stick out from the month past would be some or all of da brief list below:
sittin next to the emergency exit on the way to moombhai,my discussion with nash on 'serendipity', meeting frends from ages past, messing up the quizzes and doin well on da review, fightin with da bosses over lonavla, meetin the_boys_from_gh3 and that unnamed_person in so many of my posts, gettin invited to the weddin and uncorkin the bubbly, aw hell...loads o' stuff. like always. :{D

I just noticed how weird the term "Legal Copy" is.
Will title this post "Legal Copy" in honor of mine ability to notice truly inane thangs. :-"

Wait! I also noticed how weird the spelling of the word "weird" is!
Ok, i'll stop :D

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