That's right. Which one would you choose?
In fact, can you actually tell the difference anymore?


No one can be told what the Matrix is.
You have to see it for yerself.


Morpheus could very well be referring to the blog world. It's unreal. I mean, seriously! You have a million pyjama_clad (phrase i picked up recently from somewhere) writers all pecking away at their comps, day and night, rain and shine.

Some are writing about their day, some are printing prose, some are doing poetry, some are bringing you news excerpts, some are doin it all! You laugh at some, you smirk at some others, you turn up yer nose at the writing on a few, and some like. Of these, you follow a few. And this is where the whole thang begins.

The bloggers we follow, end up bringing us the world from their point of view. Which, in the first place, is why we are out there. Coz we like their POV. Infact, their POV acts as a filter of sorts for all the information that's flowing out there. I mean, there are a million things happening out there today. But our favorite bloggers are only talkin of a few things. Like what it means to be poor, or why the solar eclipse this year is gonna be so exceptionally cool, or why lil guitars are optional. :-"

Gettin bak to the point. Our favorite some point...we tend to stop thinkin of our fave bloggers as "some kid out west" and start thinkin of them as ppl we know. Ppl we trust. We start to believe that what they put down is always thought through. What they feel is always accurately described. We know their biases, i mean, they're upfront about them...but we also feel that they'd take requisite care to present an otherwise unbiased opinion. But is that really true?

It's like what this book called BLAcKBOX asks, on the cover: how much do you trust nameless_faceless_ppl? how much? how do you really know that the guy you've never met who's piloting this million_gallons_of_fuel_laden_plane with you on it, can actually do the job he's being asked to do? huh?

ya well. you cant actually go through life without making those kinds of snap_judgments...dass fine...but wen it comes to blogs. wat's to say that some1 who's posted 50 good posts can't make a mistake on the fifty_first?

This is about this.

And this is about MY ANSWER to the rage on her blog.

My point is not about who's right or who's wrong.
It's about the situation itself.
It's about what would have forced ppl
to do the kind of things that were done.
It's about the big picture that's being missed
in the midst of all the noise and all the rage.

It's not about the buggers in IIPM
who posted those comments.
It's about the poor buggers in IIPM
who did NOT post those comments. :|

syko :{"

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