...a not-so-funny picture of the future, that is.

It's wrap-up time out here in the boondocks.
Two frikkin awesome years comin to an end.
There's loads to write on THAT topic...about leaving, saying goodbye and sheet l'thaat.
But that's for some other time.

For now, i was like lookin through the posts on one of my yahoogroups. I have like this thing, for yahoogroups. If i hav a gang, i must have a group for them. And evry1 must get on it. And evry1 should send each other inane mails. I'm like dat. I'm syko. I make crazy@ss groups on places like orkut and yahoo. :| judge thou not me.

Aaanyways...i got nuthin to do rite now...so i was browsing through old mails [note: seriously, absolutely nothing to do :D ]. and i found THIS among a million other mails.

From: "syko" [b0*****@*****.****.ac.in]
Date: Sat Sep 11, 2004 3:50 am
Subject: Random post

It's 3.53AM on a saturday morning.

I sit here at home...wide awake in the wee hours of the mornin.
knowin full well that i leave home (AGAIN!) in another 27 hours. I
feel like i just got here. damn damn damn.

Might see the people today for lunch. Might.

Got lots to pack and shit. And loads to do. And need to spend time
with family.

I aint workin yet. but at the pace at which i'm being driven, i
wonder what THAT will be like.



well...dat was months ago. and now here i am. WITH a frikkin job and a title and all dat. i dont hav too much time to wonder abt sheet l'this. coz i'll be jumpin in head first in just about a month's time. and accordin to all first and second and third hand information i can gather, the party's JUST beginning :p

i hav only one friggin thing to say: AYE CARUMBA!


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