Funny, aint it?

Funny, aint it? That life is so unpredictable...that every day, every moment in time is made of so many variables coming together to create that one tick of the clock...and we, in all our learnedness, assume that we can predict the way our day will turn out? It truly is amazing, if you think about it.

Back when I was a programmer_geek_guy_types_person, I used to wonder. Wonder about the bloddy intricate and amazing system that the earth is. For a period in time, I considered encoding things 'round me. First {and last} target: evrything in my room. Just my room, not my house, not hyderabad, not earth. Just my room and everything there was in it. See, now THERE was the "a-ha" moment for me :D I mean, think abt it...encoding shit like tables, chairs and all...bah...but then...there's dust, and a million other floating thangs...and then there's dirt...and THEN, there's ME! Living organism with just about a gazillion parts! And i was like...IF (and that's a big IF)...IF i encode all this, wat in the world would it take to make all them objects behave like real_life_type_things? What kinda processing power would i require, assuming i wrote the code to make it work in the first place =)), to actually run the system? And i'm talkin a lil room in the middle of nowhere here. Not too much in the room. But still, enough randomness and enough object interaction to make any kinda hardware crawl to a halt. {end of stupid technical idea.}

Now, bak to the original thot.

"But still, enough randomness and enough object interaction to make any kinda"...
Hmm...One good thing that came out of that stupid_technical_typical_engineer_type_idea was that...uh...the sheer size and complexity of the universe just about hit me. slightly. not too much to drive me stark raving mad or anything. but enough to stun me. into appreciating the beauty of the universe. of life. and the freaky proportions of it all.

My thought for the day i gess, is this...

There's Life on one hand. Filled with randomness...a million million variables interacting with each other...without any obvious plan...without a visible architect...with just about a very large number of things that could just go right ahead and act anyway which way they want...

And then there's us.
Sitting right smack in the middle of all this...
Planning. For our future. For us. For others.
Talking.With confidence, of days to come. Of years to come. Of things we have yet to see. Or achieve.

Funny, aint it?




I'd think confidence in the future {not just IN the future, but also that you'll even SEE the future, in as much as the very NEXT minute IS your future} can only come from an insane belief{or an absence of any doubt} that all those innumerable random variables will just say "goody" and act according to plan...your plan and my plan that is...and not just go and fk up the whole jamboree.

Fine. Granted that ppl dont have absolute confidence in the future...ppl onli hav "hopes" for the future...but THEN...that's insane too aint it? "hoping" that all the gazillion random pieces come together?

But then again, what if you believed in a God who can control all those innumerable random pieces that make up your day? What if you believed, firmly, in some part of yer mind, that YOU may have no say in what plays out...but HE surely does? Would that insane belief i talked about be any less insane now? {edited}


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