ola maria! and yoo too...francisca!

ya. i wish.
it's more like ... engui irrekei kamalamma. :))

So first off > *phooey. Looong breath taking now i am.
Coz it is the thing that i am a-havin a lot to say.
But what i not have is da patients. Or patience. Figure out it.

*Coherence returning and all :p


Where do i begin, me_lovelies?

With May 18th? When i wanted to rush back to the hotel and access the internet to type the following words in me beloved blog --"Today is the first day of the rest of my life"?

Or May 19th...when i woke up early and thanked myself for not doin sumthin as stupid as postin dat? :D

Or May 20th...when i stepped onto the tarmac at chennai domestic and had the lovely chennai summer hit me full blast? The night i checked into this amazing hotel and i had to ask myself what i'd done to deserve it all?

Or May 21st...my actual "first day" thang...which i spent in a...umm...godown? Gaining respect for the ppl who do it day in and day out?

Or any day from the weeks that have followed?
Where I've gone from being "a guy" (and a coo-uhl one at dat :-") to "a bachelor" (!)...who house owners had problems renting out their beloved flats and rooms to? :D

Or mebbe the other day when i almost gave up the ghost on Poonamalle High Road returnin home from office at the early hour of 8.35PM? (thank u god for allowin me to type this in :D) Or even yesterday actually...freaky bus fker...who almost rammed our car..bloddy bad drivin on chennai roads i say.

Or mebbe June 2nd...when i got my first pay packet thang? for the 23 days i "worked" and all... hmm.. that smile dint take long to sober up... the government took away my money! SO MUCH of it! (#*@)*#@)(#* grr.

Or how abt yesterday...when i gave up...literally gave up...coz i realized that this is the way things are gonna be from hereon? That this is how life is gonna be...just me and the road.

Living alone is a real bummer. There aint nothing...NOTHING...great abt it. Independence? Duh...it's not like we awl come from military households... What else you got in the other court? Nothin much else mate. Stayin alone is all abt a lot of silences...and i gess some of us just are not the types who'll enjoy dat...{rolls eyes}. Ok fine..i got me some books to read...i've got a great Odyssey down the road from here...but i gess the toughest part of the day is not the time i spend at home ... it's the time i spend in the restaurants...dining alone :p There cant possibly be a lot of things more pathetic (yes i kno..there can be...but jes go ahead and humor me :D) than dining alone.

I have a feeling though...that i'll learn. and live.




1. they said chennai ppl are very warm and all...gess that's true...
but i wonder why none of them hav graduated to "hot" :-" :D
(in case u was wonderin..dat's the LEAST of my problems :p)

2. the names..and what they do with them out here...it's amazing!
loGanatham, KOWSIK, maGesh...are NOT spelling mistakes here :D

3. it's FKIN hot out here...and i live on the roads ... doin market visits...
not a day goes by wen i'm not thinkin abt me pals workin in AC offices :p

4. in just 2 short weeks... i've seen so much...dat i wanna sit and post some
one thousand posts on ppl...and their reactions...to the "premiere MBA" thang. my friends in software and consulting wont be seeing these reactions...but i am...coz i interact with ppl on the street, literally.  More on dat later.

5. oh ya, those articles on "What they dont teach you at MBA"? 
hehe...i've got a long list of my own ready already.



There i was sitting in my room thinkin i had to..HAD to..post abt my life out here...and a title strikes me > "Stranger in a strange land". So i'm like ok fine...and then i pick up one of the DC Comics i bought (note: i'm nuts...i spend a LOT on crap :D)...and it turns out to be Superman...and on page 3...it says..Superman has adopted earth (and likewise)...but he'll always be a ..."Stranger in a strange land"! :D

spookay :-"

edit: damm! so much text..and i realize it dont tell none of me story at all!
fine. this week. you shall hav it. as shall i.
documentation on the silences in my life.

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