...to lay down them rules that i'd like to follow for a long-ish time.


so if you make an obscene amount of monnay evry month...wat is it you do?


i've tried buying books on the roadside. nope. will not do. no friggin way.
i've tried eating at fancy places. hmm. that helps... slightly :D

but no. i need a better way to spend the paisa. :-"

so i've hit upon summat nice.

RULE XXI of the syko_rule_book!: 
If I respect an artist, I will, God willing and all, make sure that I pay my dues to him/her.

Explanation of RULE XXI
i shall purchase legal copies of art produced by any artist i admire, be it a musician or a writer or a singer. I will say no to piracy*. For the artists i bow down to, screaming "We're Not Worthy!", I shall buy the originals.

So it is written, so it shall be done.


PS: i start counting at 20. i'm crazy l'thaat.

*Except in cases where the piece of art is a remix or some crap like that.

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