Waking up not to the morning paper being thrown through the door, but to the 9 o' clock news.

Spending more than an hour over a cup of chai,letting Winamp play the same song a million times over..Day dreaming with nobody actually interrupting and sayin ..'please execute the program ..and submit the assignment before Monday ..' ..Stopping later to remember what day it is today ..breathing fresh air ..and enjoying the moment ..stopping as I type this to do a little dance ..thank you Winamp ..Looking at the photographs on my desk ..and remembering all those times ..the laughs ..the  classes all bunked, the school dramas ..realising that ive actually had a childhood ..full of memories that i can actually recollect ..

Having the chance to have exhaustive conversations with my mom ..not just limited to the menu for lunch and my test scores ..Sayin good morning to 'all' the members of my family .

Bein able to live through the week inspite of all the frustration ,the tense moments ...the spoilt sweet curd , the vision of the future being one big blur .....the joy of it all ..

good morning Saturday !! :D

Current Mood: Grand
Current Music: Thank you -Alanis Morissette