16th August 2005

of first time authors and contrasts drawn.
of nostalgia. and a longing for things past.
of the here and now. and cookie man cookies.
and a bit of that tangy mango~orange juice thang i keep handy in the ole icebox.


i'm listening to a disaster called "The Last Mile", a self-composition-thang we played on stage last year.the audience was so confused, they dint clap until like 3 minutes after we ended. hehe.now that the day is so far back in the past, i can safely say "UGH! that sounded bad!" :D

to set the record straight, we DID play well on more than a few occasions.suffice to say that one of our songs is doing the rounds on the bschool circuit :-" {this is me being mysterious, as usuale}

today. was spent typing out a "draft plan". felt more bskoolish than most other days out here.
bskool dint teach me how to string words together, neither did it teach me how to type into Microsoft Word.
but it seems that watever i do out here gets branded as "that IIM thing that boy does". funny.

ya, in case i dint mention it...there aint no difference where you come from, out here:
they'll call you either "institute" people, or the more common "IIM" people.
catchall phrase it is. after defending the uniqueness of my school for two whole years, this does take a bit of getting used to i gess.


so i read Mediocre But Arrogant. by Abhijit Bhaduri.

celebrated widely for its vivid and realistic portrayal of business school and everything that comes along with it, or so we was told. well...i'm done with the book....and well....ummm...lemme jes say that i'm sure that some of us in this blogsphere woulda bin more than able to string together a bunch of stories from bskool and leave the reader mesmerized and panting for more...let's not go that far...i'm willing to wager a tidy sum that some of us here would be able to string together a simple, coherent, interesting read abt bskool...which is far more than what Mr. Bhaduri has been able to achieve. True, some of the moments in the book caught me off~guard and took me back to where it all began...but heck, that's cause i kno what he's writing about...i was willing to grant him brownie points for casually slipping in "Bodhi Tree" and the like in there somewhere...but for the rest of the uncivilized world, it'd be gobbly-de-friggin-gook for sure.

i tried out the book on someone who doesnt understand the background of the book the way i do...passed it on to a writer we all know very well ... she couldn't get past the seventh page...she was gasping...for air that was NOT full of some Father Hathaway and his life history...she demanded to kno why this Bhaduri chap couldn't hold her interest the way the author of Five Point Someone did, right from the word go.

oh well. one not-so-good book in a week. chalega.
coz the other book i read last week more than made up for this :D

Vernon God Little. by DBC Pierre.
sheer genius, for a first novel. or so said the review.
heck, i dont kno any better...so i'll simply call it "sheer genius", without the rider.
they say it's fit to rank with the Catcher in the Rye. believe it. i do.

lovely. highly recommended.
i mean..."you wanna see your God?" maaan. noice it was.
kinda trite ending. but tis more than made up by the style with which the book carries itself.

time to crash.
1:14AM. might wanna reach office before 10AM 2day.

let's_see :-"

PS: this post is from 16th august. i ij get net 2day. so i ij post now. pliss to not mind ya?

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