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5 Jul 2004

As u sow, so u reap

Posted by No-man in General | 3:58pm

I went to a restaurant 10 days back and when i was paying the bill, i realised that they have charged only 25$ when it should been 50$. i told them and paid 50$.


Yesterday, i went to a restaurant and they charged me 225$, when it should have been only $175. I was almost paying it when i suddenly realized, "it shouldn't be that high" !! so, i got it corrected and paid $175.

Now, i feel, had i not paid that 25$ previously, i would have lost 50$ yesterday !! GOD is seeing everything !!

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  1. By Pichchi Panthulu

    5 Jul 2004, 4:58pm [ Reply ]

    You go to restaurants with meals costing $225?Not bad!!!

  2. By drp

    5 Jul 2004, 5:13pm [ Reply ]

    225$......hmmm...thats more than 10grand indian rupees u dipshit...wtf u spendin so much so on food for?!!
    wire some ovah heah..rite NOW!!

  3. By Aran

    5 Jul 2004, 10:07pm [ Reply ]

    How old are you?

  4. By No-man

    6 Jul 2004, 9:11am [ Reply ]

    Damn it, its only 25$, approx, per head

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