Ain't Life Strange???

Life is such a supppperb mix of highs and lows!

Life Rocks!!!! :-)

aintlifestrange | 04 August, 2004 09:29

Hi Guys!

 Thanks to all those who posted comments on my first blog! :-)

 Those who had gone thro my last post, must be wondering what kinda crazy ass I am... He He He. Lemme assure you, you guys are thinking absoultely right! :-D I can hit a super high and an ultra all within a span of few mins. :-))

 Just ctrl c ctrl ving what i posted on the comments: Fortunately yesterday was a one-off, i've mostly gotten over the shit, but still sometimes I just get it into like nobody's business. :| Just to get a feel of what my days used to be like. :rolling my eyes:

 Anyways, I am back to feeling great today! First pleasant surprise of the day: my US counterparts actually did some quality work; so the bloody P1 I was working on yesterday, is finally out of my queue. Thats a first for me! :-) Otherwise its mostly we idiots who keep emptying their queues. :smirking:

 Had a gr8 day @ office. Basically fultu masti and time pass! Heard loads of Eminem. Love that guys compositons! He is da best! Also like 50 cents - In Da Club.

 And yes met that friend I coudlnt chat with yesterday. It seems she was in a CC (Cyber Cafe, silly), and the power went off. Also, got to see a snap of ours, just the 2 of us :-), shot at a get-toether we'd gone to on sunday. I am grinning like the usual constipated self, but shes looking very pretty. :-) And no guys, she aint my new GF :|



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rainmaker | 07/08/2004, 01:06

nice to see you back in high spirits. keep smiling dude... life will pick up on its own :)

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Hankthe yank | 11/08/2004, 05:20

what dont u pick up your shit and take hike rainman...

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rainmaker | 11/08/2004, 20:51

take a hike.. not take hike.

hank the YANK it seems, a wanna-be who doesnt know english.

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