Ain't Life Strange???

Life is such a supppperb mix of highs and lows!

AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Moi Confused :-(

aintlifestrange | 11 August, 2004 14:32

Well, just realised this paradox we all face when we fall (or think we have) for someone whom u r good friends with...

Am I mistaking my love for her as friend to be having feelings for her?

Happens all the time, right?

I guess I still need to sort out my myself n my emotions/feelings before anything else...



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The Crackednut | 11/08/2004, 15:32

HAHAHAHAHAHA... LOL!!!!!!... I read your previous entries and I could actually HEAR a post like this waiting in line!!!! And before anyone else says "Go Get Her Tiger!" you've got to SHUT THE F**K UP! ... Do anything but let her know your brain (mal)functioning!

**Shakes head** It won't work... just won't work, Nonnie Boy! You open your mouth and like every other crucial moments of your life, you'll find yourself stranded in the middle of the road with your pants down. And that, i know is not a pretty sight.
Go slow, stay calm, keep control, maintain focus, breathe easy, stuff bananas or whatever to keep yourself busy.

I know, I know... your next post will be on how the air is sweeter, the grass is greener and the beer kicks you higher. Everything is so red and all the love stories in the world are nothing compared to yours. The world will be a very comfy place to live in, but on one condition. Your mouth.

But then again, it's your life and you are at liberty to speak as you please. Incase you do, i'm waiting with a register. It's called "The Sgt.Nutty's Lonely Hearts Club" Members List!! Restricted entry to losers only....!

PS: The SNLHC's motto -> "You rely on us. We rely on Experience"

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No Namer | 11/08/2004, 16:43

LOL! :-D

Guess I am going thro the post break up blues!

Thanks buddy! :-)

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rainmaker | 11/08/2004, 20:56

hahaha... TCN.. thats a great motto :D

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