Ain't Life Strange???

Life is such a supppperb mix of highs and lows!

Why am I like this?

aintlifestrange | 14 August, 2004 08:15

Dammit, really tired of myself and my bloody emotions. Feeling quiet upset again today. My emotions r either hitting a super high or all time low; With the all time low being re-defined every time. I really think I should go see a shrink, so that s/he can throw me in an asylum n lock me up.

Sometimes, I wonder if I can ever forget her? I keep thinking back, the 3.5 yrs we spent together. And at the end, got dumped so awfully. And that with the comment: You are too nice a person for me...

Do you know anyone whose been dumped 'cuz he was too nice? Till now I never thot there could be a "too nice". If I am really that nice a person, why arent good things happening to me? Or has the almighty also convinientlt forgotten abt me?

Is it really possible to stop loving a person? Ever?

I was reading Dawn's blog ( and how some friend of Dawn's is depressed and is talking abt Suicide. Just reminds me of the time when I was going thro a patch like that. I was totally sloshed after an office party where I saw her dancing with her new bf. That night was the one and only time I ever thot of suicide. A lot of ppl will term it as being a loser. To those folks: U shud thank the god that u guys dont know how it is like. Trust me, I used to think like that myself. But after having gone thro it, I can tell u its not something that one does my choice...



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Portuguese Man-Of-War | 14/08/2004, 13:10

That's a load of bull, dude - that "You are too nice a person for me..." thing. She got used to you in all those years, then she was courted by someone else, she wanted something new, and went for the other guy. The other guy probably has no clue even of how much suffering his fancy is causing someone else. Neither does your girl have any ethics. Any girl who gives logic like, "I grew out of that relationship, and thought it would be cheating myself and him to continue with it, and so decided to end it" is completely selfish.

Once you enter a relationship, you have no moral right to end it alone (unless the other person is a sadist or a villian). You are doing it purely since you want something better, but you are forgetting that you are plunging the other person in intense sorrow, something he'll take a year or two to get out of, and something that will forever be a scar. You are doing that to another person for your own selfishness, and the kind of grief you are causing that other person ranks up there among all sins a human can commit.

Leave her. Let's see how to get ahead, out of this.

My granddad used to tell me that nothing that happens to you is a result of someone else doing it - it's your own karma. If you are going through such a bad patch, it's probably because you did something to deserve it. Your ex has nothing to do with it.

I think of life like this. You come with huge wax balls of virtue and sin from your previous birth. When you are going through good times, it's like there's a candle under the wax ball of your accumulated virtue, and it's slowly melting the wax there. That's right - when you are going through good times, you are eating away at your accumulated good virtue. That's why good is happening to you. And when you are going through bad times, there is a small candle under that wax ball of your accumulated sin. So when you are going through bad times, you are burning up your accumulated sin. It's actually good.

This phase will go. Any suffering of this magnitude happens purely because it is destined. You'll come out of it with a smaller wax ball of sin, and then the other ball start to burn, and you'll have a good patch.

My understanding of the Almighty, since you mentioned Him: He cannot do much when your wax ball of sin is melting. At most, he can offer a 10-15% waiver on the suffering that you are destined for, depending maybe on how much You have believed in Him all your life and how much you pray. God does NOT interfere in karma, to the best of my understanding - you sin, you suffer. But all your prayers to the Almighty will add to the ball of virtue that you are accumulating in this life. And when the time comes - when the wax from the ball of sin has melted sufficiently, and it's time for good times now - He delivers in style, adding much more to what you already deserve, since you sought His mercy. You are different from all the others who are indifferent to Him, who did not seek Him.

Be a good person, do good deeds, and pray. This phase will go. Remember that the problem is not external - it's just that fate decreed that you lose your peace of mind for some time, since for some reason you deserve it. The problem, again, is not your ex - it is your mind. When the ball has melted sufficiently and the Almighty can step in, the scar will get wiped out permanently. That what He'll do for you for the simple reason that you sought His mercy.

Again, let this turn you into a good person. Do good deeds, and equally importantly, do not do any bad deeds. Remember that both balls are accumulating from everything you do.

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dawn | 14/08/2004, 15:10

why are u like this??
hey pal...chill... this is an okayed affecting (emotinal) kickback to a nub like this... nothing is wrong with u..
To let go of that someone who was the locus of your life sure aint that easy

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dawn | 14/08/2004, 15:33

Why are u like this??
Hey pal...chill... this is an okayed affecting (emotional) kickback to a nub like this... nothing is wrong with u..
To let go of that someone who was the locus of your life sure ain

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rainmaker | 14/08/2004, 21:42

damn, Dawn stole what i wanted to say :P

my way of looking at it, is.. "hey, at least you've had those 3.5 years". if you've truly loved her, you would be thankful for the 3.5 years that you were Together. yes, its unfortunate that she ditched you like this... but this mix of unpredictability , of joy and sadness - thats what life is. things arent always fair.. Time will change everything.

PS: i understand that the situation made you feel lower than the mariana trench. but you Should get out of it soon.

if circumstances had brought an end to your love, then your depression would have been justified. in this case, she's not worth it for you to brood about.

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dawn | 14/08/2004, 22:32

Rainmaker.. :)*blush*

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