Ain't Life Strange???

Life is such a supppperb mix of highs and lows!

Kicked, Once Again! :-)

aintlifestrange | 17 August, 2004 08:52

Hey Guys, am soooo kicked today! :-D :-D :-D

I might have mentioned in the previous posts that I am working with an NGO. A trng prog totally designed and conceptualised by us has fianlly started today! A very very big thing for the 3 of us who were invoved in it from the beg.

And many thanks to Dawn, Rainmaker and Portuguese Man-Of-War. Portuguese Man-Of-War, thanks a TON for that excellant comment. Loved ur Wax philosophy! :-)

And hey Rainmaker n Dawn: you know I am a perfect example of Do what I say, dont do what I do! ha ha ha! When I counsel someone going thro a patch like this, I say exactly the same things u said! But for me myself, I am having to be reminded by you guys! THANKS!!! :)

And sorry for posting/replying so late. I was cutoff from the net the whole weekend and was quiet busy in the office today.



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dawn | 17/08/2004, 09:52

glad to know ur doin good...:)

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rainmaker | 17/08/2004, 15:37

hey.. congratulations on the progress you've made on the professional (and personal) front :)

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No Namer | 17/08/2004, 23:19

Dankyu! :-D

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