So the day started badly. and went on to worse. so wat else is new? :p

I'm thinking all those ppl who say go confront yer problems...face the fight...dont run away...stick up for yerself...and all dat @#*)@*# havent really seen life from the other side. How peaceful it really is to walk away from any friggin confrontation. How simple to let things be. To let things lie. To maintain the status... uh... you get da point :p

Well, after a life accustomed to such niceties, it really is a bother to do the odd thing once in a actually go stand up in somebody's face and say shove it...with all due respect and all...but shove it. :p

And when things dont actually go the way the textbook sez they're sposed to go...wen the other party turns out to be much more devious than you ever thot them to be...or wen the other party explodes...or wen the other party makes a public nuisance...dats wen you realize wat yer life of letting-things-be has sheltered you from...

That's wen you be wishing you'd let things be after all :p Or mebbe dats the loser thing to do. Mebbe i'm sposed to be doin the war cry (Ex: AIYEEE :p) and go do dat confrontation thing all the time. Or mebbe i shud just keep my mouth shut next time. And fester.


Lets see if whistling solves anything :D

Current Mood: Bad Hair Day
Current Music: Music? I hear war cries :p