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Writing notes is soooo kewl!!!

aintlifestrange | 07 September, 2004 23:59

On one of my previous posts dawn had mentioned that she is in the habit of writing notes and can communcate better thro the notes rather than in person.

So moi also decided to give that a try...

Last week I wrote 2 notes to venus. and I must say that it does help quiet a lot! Its like blogging. Only diff being that I write only stuff that I wanna tell her... And also a few things that I cant put in a blog, but wanna tell her. Ok ok!!! hold ur train of thot! :) Not putting in the blog only so that I dont reveal my identity in the process :)

Anyways, I dont know if I will give her those notes, or for that matter even tell her abt them, but somehow putting my thots on paper helped me quiet a bit...

Try it out guys n gals. It helps! :)



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rainmaker | 08/09/2004, 00:59

hey NN, i just realized that i do something similar... i write poems in such situations instead of notes. much the same, isnt it?

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rainmaker | 08/09/2004, 01:02

as for helping u out wit venus, ur welcome. even the few moments must have counted, im sure!
PS: lemme know when u need the magic next time :)

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dawn | 08/09/2004, 19:54

how on earth did i miss this???
i mean i wasnt even aware of dis involved wid studyin..sigh;P i told helps, doesnt it?..writing notes worked miracles for me..:)

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No Namer | 09/09/2004, 00:30

I had written a huge comment, but it somehow it never got posted. :(

Anyways, here is what I've written in short...

Yes rainmaker, writing poems is more or less the same. Achieves the same impact on u. U know I've always wanted to put my thots in a poetic manner, but it just doesnt come natural to me. So i hafta make do with watever crappy way i write. :|

Dawn, thanks da, for introducing me to these notes funda! and hey why r u studying at this time of the year? :-p u taking CAT, is it?

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dawn | 10/09/2004, 20:34

he he, no CAT for me, wish i were doin something like tat, me gotta slog for my med exams xomin up..:(

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