Do not talk about Fight Club.

The Second rule of Fight Club is ... do NOT talk about Fight Club.

OK. I'm abt to break the first two rules :D


For those of you who havent seen Fight Club... i'm gonna take a moment here to stand silent and wonder why you aint RUSHIN_OUT_TO_GET_A_VCD! For the rest, on.

Fight Club like really blew me mind. Friggin Hell. Awesome. Hyper Hip. Scary. Torn. Psyched out. All of that. And a LOT more.

then, you know how all of a sudden you find something out about something and that something all of a sudden makes a whole lot of sense? Like that something needed a help you find and figure out all the hidden easter eggs? Uh. I think i've found ONE of many possible keys to this something here. :D

Well ok...cutting to the chase here. So here I was researching some stuff for my term project...which has something to do with understanding ze psyche of Calvin & Hobbes and Bill Watterson(i kno...sounds great...but dont try this at home :p)...So well, i'm researching...or shall we say 'searching'... and i land this amazing catch...

the title goes...

"Fight Club - The Return of Hobbes" at

An excerpt...

"Picture this: a hyper, self-absorbed child initially concocts an imaginary friend as the ideal playmate, to whom more realistic qualities soon become attributed. This phantasm becomes a completely separate personality, with his own likes, dislikes, and temperament

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