Ain't Life Strange???

Life is such a supppperb mix of highs and lows!

Port Wine is the best! :)

aintlifestrange | 13 September, 2004 07:04

Had this :hic: sudden crazy :hic: urge to blog, :hic: but have absolutely no :hic: clue what to write :hic: . :) :) :) :) Has this ever happened to you?

Right now I am drinking "original" Port Wine from Goa. And man, it is fantastic. The adv of having a Goan as a roomy! :D

Just waiting for the stroke of midnight, its my 2nd roomy's budday. So organised a small surprise budday party for him. :) Aint I the nicest frend to have! Thankq thankq! :)

 Just finished my 3rd glass, so plz excuse me! :)

Tata, Good night. :)



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dawn | 13/09/2004, 08:04

urge of writin something and u dont know what??..i think this happens to me atleast once a day..;)

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No Namer | 13/09/2004, 10:50

@dawn: gnite at 8:04 am? :-D :-p

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dawn | 13/09/2004, 12:10

funny is it??? thought u were still sleeping after the surprise budday party and the original Port Wine from goa..:P, better late than never, or so i thought..:)

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