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Death of a Friend

aintlifestrange | 22 September, 2004 22:01

Last night, a frend of mine died in a motor vehicle accident. Had a head on collision with a large vehicle. He'd bot the bike recently. Just abt 3 weeks back.

There was another guy with him, as a pillion rider. He got off 10 feet before this happ. And worse, saw this happen right in front of him. Hes in a terrible state of shock, I am told.

Makes me think abt things like fate and destiny...

I shudder to think abt his parents... He wasnt from AP. Finally after the post-mortem today, they flew his body to his home-town.

I am quiet an avid biker, love riding fast. But finding it very diff to cross 35kmph since yesterday.

When we drive why do we forget that its not just us, but our family and frends who will equally be at loss.

Still unable to think coherently. Just putting down whatever is coming to my mind.

Hate it when things turn out like this.

May god rest his soul in peace. Amen.



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dawn | 22/09/2004, 23:01

hey sorry sympathies..

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Ravi | 23/09/2004, 08:42

Sorry to hear that dude. Feel really sorry for his family.....

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Neurotron | 23/09/2004, 09:34

when u dead, u gone. Ur miseries are over. It is ONLY the families who lose - and have to continue living with grief. Death is always about the ones left behind.
May his family find peace and may you find the strength to go on, my friend.

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No Namer | 23/09/2004, 10:22

thnx guys.

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diva | 23/09/2004, 20:31

sorry abt it dude.

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NN | 23/09/2004, 23:21

thats so true, Neurotron. The one who had to go has gone, bt the ones left behind are the ones to go thro all the miseries.

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Maid'en'India | 07/02/2006, 11:13

I happened to come across your blog, a good year and a half after you wrote it. I lost a friend some years back so I can imagine how painful the week/month after his death must have been. R.I.P.

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