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gollum | 7 November 2004, 11:05am

chronic alcholic that i am its kind of suprising that i am still in my senses but i have to
confess that i am enjoying every single bit of my what did i do...i ate slept
got up..posting my second blog of the day coz i have got nothing to whats my blog about
nothing in just watching the life drift past me while i am sitting around..this
time sober what has changed well am not that pessimistic this time that is..kind of
accepted that i am a total sucker not feeling sad about it...
well its raining kind of o.k with it but right now i dont have enough clothes so rather not enjoy
it....saturday night went for a couple of plays...well they were spoofs..dry comedy..o.k for a

had this interesting discussions with no one in particular about books...well for her the best book
ever to be written was The DaVinci Code..accepted it was gripping with lots of cryptics..ciphers..but
Dan Brown worked on that book in the sense that if one concentrates on the basic plot it leaves you
disappointed but he did involve the readers with the ciphers..although he gave a new dimension to
paganism but also made peace with Christianity..good book that one...but definitely not the best(for me)

then came Ayn Rand and her objectivism..i shall not go in to her topic coz i know that there are some
die hard fans...for me roark is impossible...almost you can categorize all the ppl in to keatings..tooheys and

well theres LOTR of which i am a great fan tolkien almost created an alternate world with 6 forms of livings
with a definite purpose...he almost played GOD...also the potter series good read...not that great though

then comes Puzo with his series of italian heroes well good read..but one book was different..The Dark Arena..
a very cold book so to say i enjoyed it...

but for me best thing ever to be written was Anne Frank's Diary...coz first of all it was not a book written
to be published or were just the feelings and emotions of a girl thru some very difficult times..

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