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gollum | 31 October 2004, 11:45am

whats it with the girls...accepted i dont appreciate humour, i have low iq dont know when to smole and when to be serious.
i can never mature...but thats just me...yup i dont know whats a relationship whats a commitment...but if she wants me to
to hang around her all the while...if she wants me to fake be artificial..i just cant be that i am what i am...if my philosophy
doesnt match the rest..i just cant help it..can i ...i know the fault lies in me...what can i do...if i believe that there are two forms
of life...bacteria and parasites...parasites always need a host to survive...they cant be individual...bacteria can become hard times they can live by thamselves..
i am not saying that i can live all by myself but if i dont share my sadtimes does it mean that i am not sharing it with her...what does she want...
that i should cry on her shoulder whenever i have some problems...thats just not me..i can tackle my own problems...she thinks i am reserved i dont talk much..
i am not saying the whole system is wrong...i am only saying that i am wrong...i like her for what she is...
midlife crisis..definitely not..just a passing phase...think i have to mature...

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