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4 Jul 2009

A Mystery Still

Posted by vas in My Stories | 9:14am

It was the day I had been longing for all my life. We five adventure seekers were on our way to unveil secrets of the deep oceans. My Grandpa, Mr. Reddy (his friend), Miss Daisy (scientist), Mr. Peter (meteorologist) and I were heading towards the Bermuda Triangle!
As our ship approached the Bermuda Triangle Grandpa and Mr. Reddy started behaving in a weird manner. Sometimes there would be a satisfaction of achieving something in their eyes, and at another time fear. They discussed about something late in the night. None of us was allowed to interfere. We started worrying about them.
At last we reached the Bermuda Triangle. We were all ready with our instruments. All were excited. We were going to reveal a secret which many scientists failed to. Suddenly, we saw that Grandpa and his friend were in the ocean in scuba suits. They were debating over something. Then,my grandpa took out a glden box the size of a pencil box with a diamond in the place of a keyhole.
There was an oppressive silence and stillness. A chill ran down my spine. Grandpa pressed the diamond and instantly the calm sea roared and the sky thundered. Grandpa and his friend were sucked into the angry ocean. Strange lights started illuminating the sky from the ocean. A simlilar light also appeared from Grandpa's cabin.

Suddenly, Grandpa came out shouting at the top of his voice asking us to leave the ship. Alas! there was no time to see the origin of the light in his cabin. Leaving all our instruments on board we jumped into the dark ocean. As soon as we jumped the the ship sank as if the hungry ocean had gulped it in one go.

The storm rested and a rescue team saved us. After this extraordinary event Granpa became a silent man. He never referred to it again. Mr. Reddy couldn't survive in the water due to shortage of oxygen. That's what we thought.

But Grandpa's eyes had a different story to tell. They were always filled with mixed emotions of sadness, fear and regret when he said, "He got it, but couldn't survive it..."

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  1. By andhrawala:

    7 Jul 2009, 7:00pm [ Reply ]

    is this a true story?

  2. By Oblivion: Full circle

    8 Jul 2009, 4:05pm [ Reply ]

    two posts young
    is your blog
    but i already
    have become
    a huge fan

    i love to, VAS
    read more adventures
    here's, then, to
    a dozen moons
    and a full circle


  3. By VAS:

    9 Jul 2009, 3:37pm [ Reply ]

    no this is not a true story
    i prefer writing only pure fiction
    and thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. By VAS:

    9 Jul 2009, 3:44pm [ Reply ]

    hey Oblivion
    tahnks for the compliments
    I am happy you like my blog
    it really feels great to know one has a HUGE fan
    thanks a lot! :)

  5. By miss daisy: its my life

    9 Jul 2009, 5:40pm [ Reply ]

    hey vas..... i m so happy that u hav posted our story.... i m really sad for mr. reddy that he is no more.... and hows ur grandpa?? it was a great adventure and narrow escape... i m happy v r alive...

  6. By andhrawala:

    9 Jul 2009, 6:48pm [ Reply ]

    i thought this was fiction???

  7. By VAS:

    12 Jul 2009, 10:54pm [ Reply ]

    dear andhrawala
    this IS fiction
    miss daisy is none other than my school friend
    she posted that comment just for fun

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