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10 Jul 2009

Dream of Peace

Posted by vas in Poems | 5:55pm

I saw a dream of peace,
and wrote on a paper piece.
The dream I saw,
had a meaning of its own.
In the dungeons thrown,
was the peace of the world.
There was sorrow and sorrow
there were wars and wars
there were many shooting stars
but, nobody wished of peace.
At last came an angel
sounds resounded, jingle and jingle
like Gandhi it teached and preached
about peace and peace.
As the divine stepped on Earth,
brightness brought, its birth.
All the wars stopped,
just to look at its face so sacred.
So, thus was peace brought
on this Earth full of war & dirt.

Current Mood: Happy I won a prize at school for my poem! :)
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  1. By Oblivion:

    10 Jul 2009, 8:08pm [ Reply ]

    That's a lovely poem! Congratulations on your winning a prize for the same! Grrreat going :-)

    - your fan

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