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10 Jan 2011

The Circle

Posted by vas in My Stories | 3:53am

I am sitting on the pavement, looking up at the sky, simply lost in thought. I hear some jolly voices. I look on the other side of the road and see a group of boys. Something tells me they are school children (it isn’t that obvious as they are not in school uniform). The information seems to come from the guy sitting beside me (Do I know him, I wonder). Following the group of guys is a girl and a guy (friends - again the info from the guy on my left). I could hear them. The girl seems to be grateful to the guy for being such a good friend (Why cry about that? I think, and I get my answer. It seems the girl’s so-called "good" friends are selfish gits and hypocrites, they wouldn’t even notice her when they didn’t need her, but when they needed help it was entirely different. She came to know about all this only this year? Wake up, darling!) The guy on my left smiles. Maybe I seem foolish to him! Really?  

At the turn of the road, the guy and the girl have to part ways. I feel an ominous strain nagging at me. I don’t understand. I don’t even know these people, then why should I care what’s happening to them? Anyway the girl thanks the guy again for being a good friend and turns away. The guy stands there for a sec and then calls her. She turns around, he walks towards her. Before he says anything a fast red Lamborghini takes a sharp turn and screeches to a halt, but....

I wake up with a jolt! Was it a nightmare?

It is 7:30 in the morning. It’s 17th Feb. My parent’s wedding anniversary. I get up, fish for the gift in my study table, go to my parent’s bedroom to wake ‘em up and wish them. But they are in the hall. Their eyes are all red. They obviously seem devoid of sleep and... what is it in their eyes? Fright? I am worried. Their expression changes as I approached them. They are acting the goody – goody parents who don’t want to worry their child b’cuz of their problems. I was stubborn - and they talked. It was the same dream.. they had the one I did, only difference being – no guy on my left, no sitting on pavement, and it was like they were conversing with each other (my mom as the girl and my dad as the guy). They had been having this dream every anniversary. The thing that bothered them this year was the accident (which wasn’t there in the previous dreams). They had been showing themselves to various psychologists in vain.

Something suddenly strikes me.  I was watching this reality show the previous day about reincarnation and getting to know our previous births throuugh hypnotism. Not a bad idea, dad says. After trying so many things we could try one more, says mom. You see they are desperate to solve this puzzle that had been bothering them for 18 years...

That night my grandpa came back from his tour. We were having dinner and I don’t know why, but I asked him about his childhood. After dinner he brought out his childhood album and we sat around him. He was showing me pictures of his first steps, first day to school, etc. Then suddenly he became emotional at the photo of a little him and a little girl sitting on a chair. He said in a shaky voice, "That’s my sis." I never knew about her. He turned to a page with the photo of a teenage girl. He said, “That’s the last anyone saw of her... (he seemed lost and then he said slowly) She died in an accident. He told us it was the Christmas party at their school and kids came in casuals. I glanced at the photo again. I let out a gasp. IT’S THE GIRL IN MY DREAM! I almost shrieked. My parents couldn’t get a glimpse of the faces all these years. Everything came to a standstill. All the events were taking place in our minds. I spoke - mom you are the reincarnation of grandpa’s sister and dad you are the guy, her best friend!

The mystery was finally solved. But something still nagged at me. Who was the guy beside me? Next morning, I asked grandpa to allow me to take a look at the photos again. Then I spotted the person who was on my mind. I asked grandpa who he was. HE WAS MY GRANDPA’S FATHER WHO HAD PASSED AWAY THE DAY I WAS BORN!

The circle of life. . . .

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  1. By nipi:

    11 Jan 2011, 2:51pm [ Reply ]

    good to see u back dear... again, nice story siri :D love it.... keep writing...

  2. By a wellwisher:

    12 Jan 2011, 8:25pm [ Reply ]

    i got goosebumps as i read this. It really touched my heart.

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