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28 Jan 2014

The muted echo

Posted by vas in Poems | 7:50pm

I want to speak without words
I want u here without me reaching out
I am fearfully emotionless
I am painfully numb
Will u understand without an explanation?
But, there's nobody to listen to my silence
I'm sinking in the vacuum
Laughing at myself
How stupid I've been
Looking out for help blindly
Ignoring what I already know
No matter how many people I know
There's nobody who knows me
There's nobody to listen to my silence
Like a friend I've always been
To friend as well as foe
But nobody has seen
The need to help a doe
Lost in herself
Lost under expectations
Lost but not forever
She awaits your light
Dear friend
Kindly find her
Before hope turns to hatred
Fear swallowed by anger
Candor becomes caustic
And bitterness is all that remains
Of something once so pure.
Somebody! Listen to her silence....

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